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Deactivate Kik Account-step by step guide (Screenshots & Video)

When you look out on internet for instant messaging apps, you would become confused. There are several apps for the purpose and each app is so good that it becomes difficult to choose one for yourself. This is not just a challenge for users but also for developers to make such good app that would […]

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How to sign out of Kik Messenger? 

You might read many things about Kik all over the internet as well as on this site. From our home paste post on deactivate Kik you learned many things such as how to make an account for Kik messenger, how to use and how to delete your Kik account. Here we will talk about how […]

recover deleted kik messages and photos

How to recover deleted Kik Messages?

Sometimes due to some reasons you come to need of deleting your chats in instant messaging apps. In some places such as Facebook, you can retrieve your deleted messages but the case is not the same for Kik. Kik messages once deleted cannot be retrieved or you can say that there is no official way. […]

fix kik problems

How to fix different Kik Problems?

Kik Messenger is one of the most used instant messaging apps. People love using Kik because it provides a very nice environment to have distant chats with your friends and all of that for free. But since this is just an app so it is likely to face different bugs and problems. In this post […]

trick to sign out of kik messenger

Tricks to sign out, change name, pass & email in kik messenger

While using any instant messaging or social media service, comes a time that you want to quit. You want to take a break from communication and that’s why when you stop, you sigh out of the app or website. To do that everything app or website has a logout button present in the settings or […]

10 best kik alternatives list

List of top 5 Best Kik Alternatives for Messaging

No doubt that Kik is a wonderful texting app but most people are sick of its bugs and other problems such as account spamming etc. In that case you’ve got to look for alternatives and here is our list of top Kil alternatives. Here is the list of top 5 Kik Alternatives: 1. WHATSAPP: Being […]

fix kik bugs

How to fix Kik Bugs?

Being a texting lover, you might know about Kik. It is an instant messaging app available for Android, IOS and other operating systems. Just like common apps there is a possibility of bugs occurring in the software. One of the very common Kik bugs is that the app gets stuck on 3g/4g data mode and […]