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A microSD card of 200 GB capacity is here – Manufactured by Lexar

A microSD card of 200 GB capacity is here - Manufacture by Lexar
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A bit of microSD card:

The microSD card is approximately a quarter of the dimensions of a regular SD card, however, it can easily still be used with products that bear a SD card slots through the use of a specific adapter. Portable mp3 and video players feature SD card slots, while some of the most recent models are ditching the smaller slots. When put in a mobile phone or handy GPS device, the micro SD is usually inlayed in the electronic device. Some mobile phones or GPS trackers have removable cards, but that feature is usually reserved for devices of a different nature, namely those that lend themselves to expandable and collapsible memory needs, like video and audio players.

A microSD card of 200 GB capacity is here - Manufacture by Lexar

A hefty 200GB microSD is here by Lexar following the pattern of SanDisk:

Although SanDisk could have been the first of all to tout a 200GB microSD card a year ago, more manufacturers are commencing to catch to tackle the development pattern with Lexar growing to be the most recent to kick off a high-performance microSDXC card that will offer read/write speeds of up to 95 MBps. The 200GB hefty capacity is a drive up from the 128GB restriction which we have seen during the last couple of years. This latest microSD is meant for to use with digital cameras, tablets and also smartphones and is capable of holding even more than 17 hrs of HD video, 33k pictures or 28k music tracks dependent on file sizes and types.

“Professional and everyday photographers are now more passionate about shooting high-quality video on everything from digital SLRs to sports and aerial cameras. With the Lexar 200GB microSDXC UHS-I card, photographers can continue to capture and store large amounts of content on the go without having to worry about running out of space”, the press release reads.

The 200GB microSD card can be bought for a price tag of 155.99 US Dollar.

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