Top 5 Facebook Tips and Tricks that will Blow your Mind

Facebook Tricks and Tips
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Facebook – What if I tell you 10 amazing killer tips and tricks of Facebook that will surely blow you and your mind. What is that? Today, we here at iTechChat would like to discuss about these simple tricks you can try out next time you are using Facebook. Seriously if you missed it, you will definitely miss something a lot.

Without wasting much time let’s gets started with our easy methods you can use on Facebook. If you are a serious Facebook geek, would like to know some unknown tweaks & tricks of Facebook then this article is only for you.

We are 100% promising you that today you’ll learn the things which are hidden to real world and once you acquire those Facebook tips and tricks, don’t forget to share this with your social associates.

Facebook Tricks and Tips

Worried About Annoying Game Requests Notifications?

Cool!! From now you’ll really feel much better than earlier, now you can logon to your Facebook Profile and can have a pleasant chat with your colleagues, friends and family members. How to disable Unwanted notifications from Facebook? Here comes the main part – To do so; follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

  • Initially, Sign In to your Personal Facebook Profile and click on Down Arrow and there Click on Settings.
  • Next, on your left side click on Notifications, and Edit;  after that you will be getting some other terms; kindly click on App requests and activity – Now, you can select or deselect all the apps which you hate most of the time.
  • Finish!! From now onward’s you ill never get notifications from that particular group.

Facebook Without Internet is Possible?

Certainly Yes, Most of us know this trick but none practiced it to get benefited. Today I’ll let you know the exact procedure to send or update new status message without internet.

  • Initially, Sign In to your Personal Facebook Profile and click on Down Arrow and there Click on Settings.
  • After that, at this instant click on Mobile from Left menus.
  • After that you will now require entering your mobile number to receive verification code from Facebook Portal, one you received the code, you probably require to enter the code and get verified.
  • Once, everything is done as per above instructions, you can now send or update free status messages without internet.

Get All Your Deleted Data From Facebook?

Is it really possible? Yes, we tried and acquired all the data without any loss so, you an also get all your deleted messages, pictures and videos without any loss.

To do so – Let’s learn how to get all deleted data from Facebook:

  • Initially, Sign In to your Personal Facebook Profile and click on Down Arrow and there Click on Settings.
  • Now you require clicking on General Account Settings – Here you will be finding a Link saying download a Copy of your Facebook Data.
  • Once, it is done a Verification Code will be sent to your registered Mail ID, you will require to Verify manually so that further process continues.
  • Once data is generated; it is sent to your email and there you can download and unzip it.
  • Finish!! Now you have all access to again to save the data.

Download Facebook Images without Losing Quality

From Now, you no longer worry about losing High Quality of your picture while downloading; just check with the below mentioned steps to get most out of it.

  • Open any one of the pictures on your Facebook Profile or others.
  • Next, you require to Open the picture, there you will be available some options like – Tag Photo, Options, Share and Like.
  • In that Click on Options and there also you’ll get several options like Embed, Download and Enter Full screen; Select Download.
  • Finish! You will get High Quality Picture as you saw in Google Images.

Filter FB Messages of Unknown Persons

Facebook added one more feature that is Filters – Yes!! You can now filter known and unknown friends from your profile very easily.

  • Initially, Sign In to your Personal Facebook Profile and click on Down Arrow and there Click on Settings.
  • Next, Click on the side bar widget click on Privacy option and after that Click on Edit button in front of who can me Contact Me? And after that make sure mark the Strict Filtering.

Wrapping Up

Here we have covered some tricks you can use on Facebook. We will always dig more Facebook tips and write about them so check back soon. If you still have any more queries then do let us know through comments…

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