Consumer Protection Law

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UAE Government also introduces the Consumer Protection Rights. This is the promise of the UAE Government that every aspect which needs to be treated by Law, will be covered and defined by the Law. Federal Law No. 15 of 2020, Consumer Protection is for the Consumer Protection Law in UAE. The aim is to secure and make sure the quality of goods, and to maintain the prices. The target is to create a health check for the final consumer, so if he is paying then he is paying for the right commodity or the product. Prices are always declared and therefore the consumer protection law maintains a check over prices as well as quality of the products.

All the goods by the suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, from Free Zone and LLC companies come under the same check. Online retailing and selling have also been quite popular in last few days, therefore, the online medium is also brought under control and check. The consumer Protection Law in UAE covers all traditional and modern businesses, where products are sold to final consumer on the defined prices. People do hire the Lawyers, too for understanding the Consumer Protection Law.

Consumer Protection Law UAE 2020

The law was issued on 10th November 2020. This is called Consumer Protection Law 2020 with the decree Federal Law No. 15 of 2020. The news describes clearly and better than before about the rules, punishments, and the regulations. The aim is to protect the Consumer Rights indeed. Article 3 states that this new Law is fully applicable to all the products and commodities found in UAE or brought to UAE. All the Free Zone Companies and the LLC Companies are the part of this. Law also tells us ab bout the fines and imprisonments which can be 2 Million AED the maximum with 2 years imprisonment, the maximum.

Consumer Rights

When consumer spends his money on products then he has a right to, get the best products on best prices. The consumer deserves, the best service, best quality product, and the best prices, this is the right of the consumer. He has right that he must be given the complete and right information about the products. He should not be sold the expire products. Consumer has right that he must be provided the latest and quality products.

He has a right to choose the best products and latest products, therefore he should be provided the best products. The supplier has to bring the new products in the market. Consumer also has right to ask question for the product he is paying for. If something wrong happens then consumer has right to file the case for the damages.

It is the right of the consumer that his privacy must be protected by the supplier or seller. This is his right that his beliefs, choices and options must be respected. He has a right to be provided the invoice, tax invoices and receipts. The language in UAE is Arabic, therefore he must be provided the invoice in Arabic or Arabic and English.

The online trading portal or selling portal must need to show the trade license or the legitimacy proof so there will be no issue while identifying the company and its products. A physical store can be easily visited but the online medium creates the identity issues. Therefore, online sellers have to be 100% visible to consumers.

Online or the Physical sellers cannot tell a lie on packaging. If they do so then it means, they are violating the consumer protection laws and they will be held accountable for this. Suppliers or Sellers can have the punishments e.g. a fine up to two million or two year imprisonment, or together. Any kind of complaints can be recorded at the free portal of Economic Department.

Consumer Rights

Before starting the business in UAE or investing in UAE, we must suggest that check with the local lawyers. Based on their advice, you should open the company, set your business setup, manage business documentations and manage other things. Therefore the lawyer consultation is mandatory.

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