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Watch Series Online For Free (Full Episodes & TV Shows)

watch series online for free
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With all of the incredible sites available online today, TV series enthusiasts are by no means limited to watching an actual “television”!  In this article, we will discuss how to watch series online.  We will go over numerous outstanding sites at which you may easily find and enjoy popular television programs and your favorite shows.

watch series online for free

Websites To Watch Series Online For Free

1. is easy to use, and allows you to stream TV series in HD free of charge.  Click on “TV shows” at the top to see a long list of TV program genres, and on “Latest Added” to specifically find new episodes of some of the most popular shows.  You can register by clicking “Join” at the top of the homepage.  Examples of series from the comedy genre include “Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “Kevin Can Wait”; examples from the biography genre include “Victoria” and “NOVA”; examples from the documentary genre include “Ancient Aliens” and “Royal Stories”; and examples from the family genre include “Chesapeake Stories and School of Rock.” is an excellent option for TV series enthusiasts.  Make sure to check it out the next time you feel like indulging your TV addiction!

2. provides the opportunity to enjoy an excellent variety of TV series free of charge.  The page provides a list of several genres to choose from.  Click on “TV” at the top of the homepage, and search for a specific series title in the box at the right-hand of the top of the homepage.  Examples from this site’s wide variety of series include “Inspector Gadget,” “Re:genesis,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Maison Close,” “Family Confidential,” and “The Man Show (Starring Jimmy Kimmel)”. is a fun and user-friendly site that you will return to again and again.


At, you can watch episodes of your favorite TV series, including NetFlix shows.  You can also click on “Discover” to read news and access numerous fun games! is easy to use, and is sure to prove a wonderful resource on the next rainy day!


You will have the opportunity to easily stream a wide range of popular TV series, including the most well-known hits. is one of the most widely recognized series streaming sites on the internet. is an attractively designed and user-friendly site, and makes it easy to set up a free trial of its services.  This site offers its own original series, in addition to a wide variety of other popular shows such as “Homeland” and “South Park.”  There is no doubt that Hulu is one of the most dependable choices available, and will give you the opportunity to easily find and enjoy exactly what you want.


If you live in New Zealand, this is a great site for you! allows the opportunity to watch a large number of popular shows.  The site is beautifully designed, and is organized to ensure ease of use.  This site is truly a treasure for all New Zealanders.


At, you can easily search for your favorite TV series by year, and watch them for free.  You can also type its title by using the “search” option.  This site is recognized for its speed.  If you want efficiency and ease of us, is an especially good choice.


At, you will not be required to download anything to view amazing shows.  This site is easy to use, and allows you to readily stream your favorite TV series.  You can type the name of the series you wish to watch in the search field at the right-hand of the top of the homepage. makes it easy for you to stream your favorite TV show whenever you want!


At, you will first be prompted to choose your country from the provided list.  Once you have done that, you will be brought to the page at which you can find fascinating National Geographic series.  If you are a nature enthusiast and love learning about the world, this is an excellent site for you.  The site offers series in many different fascinating categories.  Examples include Wildlife (with shows such as “Wild Yellowstone”); Natural History (with shows such as “Wild Thailand” and “Planet Carnivore”); Engineering (with shows such as “Building Wild”); Science (with shows such as “Mission Pluto” and “How to Win at Everything”; and Travel (with shows such as “Yukon River Run” and “Fascinating Taiwan”). is an outstanding choice for anyone with a strong sense of curiosity, who wants to learn more about the amazing world in which we live.’s programs are decidedly educational, informational, and illuminating.  Watching the series provided on this site will make you a more informed and aware human being.

9. is a user-friendly and attractively designed site that allows you to watch your favorite series without any required registration.  You can search for the shows of your choice in the box at the top of the homepage, or choose shows from  a number of different categories, such as comedy (including shows such as “Augie Alone”), “TV Badasses” (including shows such as “Shark Men”), “Guilt-Free TV” (educational and informative series, such as “The World Cup Project”), nature and wildlife, world history, kids and family, and “Guilty Pleasures” (including shows such as “Amish: Out of Order” and “The Shore”).  This site provides fast and free streaming.  Make sure to check out the next time you feel like secretly binge-watching one of your favorite shows.

10. provides links to TV video sites, and gives you the opportunity to watch and enjoy series in many different categories and genres.  You can choose from a conventional genre list (including action/adventure, comedy, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, reality, and science fiction), or peruse some of the specific categories set out by the site.  These include First Look, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu programs, popular TV shows, Amazon’s Best of 2016, New 2016 TV shows, TV Season Premieres, free TV shows, and recent TV episodes. is a simple yet comprehensive site, and is certain to please.


This unique and fun to use site allows you to watch full episodes of all your favorite TV series.  The site provides a conventional, timed show schedule which provides a nostalgic feel that will appeal to true TV enthusiasts.  You can set reminders for show times.  This site also offers a smart phone app that you can acquire at the Apple App Store or Google Play. really lets you watch TV anywhere you want.  This site is extraordinarily successful in combining the charming nostalgia of TV with the convenience of modern technology.  If you truly love TV, make sure to give a try!

12. MovieTVAll

At this easy to use site, you choose to watch the newest series and episodes, or search for series by their IMDB rating.  Registration for this site is quick and easy to do.  You can readily contact the site if you have any problems or concerns.  The fact that this site allows you to quickly and easily find series based on their IMDB rating makes it easier to find quality programming to watch and enjoy instantly.


Watch your favorite TV series for free at  This site offers an HD experience.  Click on Top IMDB to enjoy the series with the highest ratings on, or select a series by genre.  You will find numerous genres listed in the designated area.  You also have the option of selecting a specific year or country.  There is a long list of countries provided, so chances are good you might find the one you want.  This site makes registration simple and easy.

14. CartoonHD 

Despite its name, this site doesn’t in any way limit its selections to cartoons!  At CartoonHD, you can watch new TV episodes, and find out and enjoy what’s popular and trendy right now.  Examples of popular series offered by CartoonHD include “Mr. Robot,” “Victoria,” “Suits,” “Wags,” “Locked Up Abroad,” “The Late Late Show,” and “DCI Banks.”  CartoonHD offers an easy to download and use app for your convenience, and the site has a streamlined registration process.  CartoonHD is fun to use, and will provide you with so many options for entertainment you won’t know which show to choose first!

You may also want to check out our list of best anime websites.


At, you can readily and easily select and enjoy your favorite Fox TV series.  You can select “Featured Shows” or choose a series from the extensive “A-Z” list.  Alternatively, you may click on “Most recent” for the most up-to-date offerings.  If you love binge-watching, click on “Full Seasons” to indulge your habit!  Examples of series available on this site include “Masterchef,” “American Grit,” “Hotel Hell,” “Gotham,” “The Simpsons,” and “Sleepy Hollow.”  If you are a fan of Fox shows, this is a great site for you.


If you live in Canada, RogersonDemand is a great site for you!  This site facilitates simple and easy registration, and is both feature-rich and user-friendly.  You can select from the “On Demand,” “Live Now,” and “Kids Zone” sections. offers a huge variety of popular series.  Examples include “Ancient Aliens,” “America’s Got Talent,” “American Gothic,” “Zoo,” “Auction Hunters,” “Attic Gold,” and “Boardwalk Empire.”  RogersOnDemand is without a doubt one of the most reputable and respectable sites out there, and offers a tremendous amount of variety for your entertainment.


This is an excellent site for fans of Bollywood and general Indian entertainment.  Click on “Shows” at the top of the homepage for access to a huge variety of popular TV series. has an app available for purchase at the Apple App Store and Google Play.


If you live in the United States, is a great site for watching some of your favorite shows from that network!  Examples of series you may watch on the site include “Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon,” “Late Night: Seth Meyers,” “Days of our Lives,” and “The Good Place.”  This site is highly reputable and well-recognized.  If you are a fan of NBC shows, this is a great site for you.


This user-friendly site allows you to sort TV series by year, rating, popularity, and name.  On each show icon, you will see the rating clearly marked.  Examples of series available on this site include “1066: The Battle for Middle Earth,” “The Spoils of Babylon,” “Game of Silence,” “Made by Destruction,” “The Eighties,” “The Powerpuff Girls,” and “Outcast.”  When you have decided what you want to watch and click on a title, you will be given the option of either streaming or downloading (both in HD). makes it easy to watch an entire season of a series at once, making it a good choice for binge watchers!  Make sure to check out the next time you want to find and watch a great TV series.


If you are a customer of Uverse, you have the opportunity to readily streaming and enjoying a wide variety of TV series on this site.  If you are not a customer, you can still watch free series at !  Examples of free series available at this time include “No Man Left Behind” and “American Pickers.”  Examples of “Featured Shows” include “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “Big Brother,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Marple.”

21. is a user-friendly site that allows you to sort series by genre, date, or popularity, or simply alphabetically.  Examples of shows available for you to enjoy here include “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” “Law and Order,” “True Blood,” “Band of Brothers,” and “Family Guy.”  When you click on a title, you can press “stream now” to watch and enjoy your selection.   This simple and fun to use site is a great option for everyone who loves TV.


This site is user-friendly and makes registration easy.  You can click on the TV shows option and choose your favorite series from a long list of exciting genres.  Make sure to watch out and avoid annoying ads that may pop up on this site.  Examples of comedy series available on this site include “House of Lies,” “Brain Dead,” “BorderTown,” and “Modern Family.”  Examples of the drama series available at include “Gotham,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” and Game of Thrones.”  Family shows you may enjoy at this site include, for instance, “The Simpsons,” “Heartland,” “Merlin,” and “Jessie.” offers a great breadth of variety, and provides a user-friendly experience.


This site provides a good selection of TV series you can stream online at no cost.  Choose from a long list of genres listed at the left-side of the page.  Examples of series available include “New Girl,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Gotham,” “Chesapeake Stories,” and “Ray Donovan.”  Be aware that annoying ads may pop up and make themselves intrusive on this site. is a good option for basic, free entertainment.

24. provides a long list of popular TV series to choose from, in alphabetical order.  You will be required to create a free account to stream your selections, but this is a quick and easy process.  You have the option of typing the name of your favorite show in the search box provided on the page.  Examples of shows provided on this site include “Mad Men,” “Manhattan Love Story,” “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Parenthood,” and “Breaking Bad.”


This site makes it easy to find and enjoy your favorite series.  Click on the Watch TV Series for Free button the homepage.  You will be brought to a colorful page full of TV series options.  Click on a title, and then simply select “Watch Now!” to enjoy.  Examples of series available on this site include “Aquarius,” “Blue Bloods,” “Chasing Life,” “Gotham,” “Grimm,” “Limitless,” and “Salem.”  This attractively designed and colorful site is easy to use.


This site makes registration easy, and provides a wide variety of different TV series for you to stream and enjoy.  You can organize listings by rating, or by date.  You will find the IMDB rating clearly listed on the image icon for each show.  When you select the show you want to watch, you will have the chance to watch the show in HD.  You can also add or delete it from your list of favorites.  Examples of shows offered at this site include “MAD tv,” “Shaun the Sheep,” “Through the Wormhole,” “The Profit,” and “Startalks.”

27. is a great site for anyone living in Australia!  Popular TV series are easy to find and watch, and the site is attractively designed.  In order to watch shows on this site, you will need to become a Tenplay member.  Examples of shows offered by this site include “The Project,” “Neighbours,” “Megafactories,” “Australian Survivor,” “Shark Tank,” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”  This site provides the chance to watch hugely popular Australian shows as well as fare from the United States and the United Kingdom.

28. is one of the internet’s highest quality sites for watching TV series.  Membership is required to use this site, but the selection of programs available make this well worth it.  You can always be assured of a premium experience when you use this site, with high quality images.  Examples of shows you will be able to enjoy at this site include “Gotham,” “Lucifer,” “Ray Donovan,” “Game of Thrones,” “Queen of the South,” “The Tudors,” “Da Vinci’s Demons,” “The View,” “Masterchef,” and “Comedy Knockout.” offers an incredible variety of entertainment options.


This site offers a wide variety of TV series for you to enjoy, but you will need to watch out for annoying pop-up ads.  You will find a large number of popular shows listed at the side of the page as well as in the homepage’s primary section.  Examples of shows available to enjoy on this site include “The Good Place,” “Bad Teacher,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Being Mary Jane,” “Elementary,” and “Fear the Walking Dead.”  You are very likely to find exactly what you are looking for on this user-friendly site.


If you enjoy Tamil TV, this is a great site for you!  At, you can readily and easily watch and enjoy the most popular and compelling Tamil dramatic TV series.  The site is well-organized and user-friendly.  If you already know the name of the show you wish to watch, type it into the search box at the right-hand of the top of the site’s homepage. is a unique site that is certain to please anyone with a fondness for Tamil TV series.


This user-friendly site is a little more basic than many others, but there are many entertaining TV series selections there from which you can choose.  This site allows us to search for specific shows, as well as peruse a large number of listed offerings.  Don’t underestimate this simple site.  You are likely to find exactly what you are looking for right here!

32. is a user-friendly and well-designed site.  You can type in the name of your favorite show in the search field, or peruse the many shows listed under “Shows.”  You can also read reviews of various programs by clicking on the “Reviews” tab.  Near the bottom of the homepage, you will find a section called “Most Visited Episodes This Week,” in which you will find listings of the most popular shows on the site this week.  You can also browse shows by genre in the “Shows by Genres” section.  Examples of genres provided include Family, Soap (Soap Opera), Drama, Lifestyle, Comedy, Adventure, Anime, Action, and others.  You are certain to find something fun and entertaining to watch on this site.


This amazing site allows you to sign up for a free 14-day trial.  Some of the most popular TV series you will be able to view and enjoy on this site include “The Walking Dead,” “Nashville,” “Modern Family,” “A League of their Own,” “Oz,” and “South Park.”  You will have access to content from many extremely well-known venues, including Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Gold, and Fox. is an especially great choice for TV series fans who know what they want to see and how they want to watch it!


This simple site is easy to use.  You can search for your favorite TV series in the search box, or browse all the shows available by selecting “TV Shows by A-Z.”  You will find a listing of the most popular series and most popular cartoons on the right-hand side of the page.  These handy listings will make the task of finding the perfect show easy and fast.


If you live in Canada, this is a great site for finding and viewing many of your favorite TV series.  After a quick and easy registration, you will have access to a wide range of TV programs.  Examples of shows available on this site include “Bones,” “Brain Dead,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Game of Silence,” “MacGyver,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “The Simpsons,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “Supergirl.” is one of the most reputable sites on the internet for watching TV series, and you are certain to find something you want to watch in its large variety of selections.


This site requires registration, but offers a huge variety of series that makes the trouble well worth it.  When you click on Popular TV Series or All TV Series, you will notice various genres and years listed at the top of the page to which you are brought.  Examples of genres listed include Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Animation, Family, History, Biography, and many more.  The years listed range from 2000 to 2016.  Examples of popular TV series you may enjoy on this site include “Mr. Robot,” “Game of Thrones,” “Orange is the New Black,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” is attractively designed and very easy to use.


This site has simple and easy registration.  You can search for your favorite TV series by simply typing its name in the search box provided at the top of the page, or you can easily view and peruse the latest episodes from the site’s most popular TV series.  Examples of series you may enjoy on this site include “The Good Place,” “Game of Thrones,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “The Voice,” “New Girl,” “Lucifer,” “American Horror Story,” “Bones,” “Homeland,” “Empire,” and “Penny Dreadful.” is attractively designed and easy to use.  Try this site the next time you feel like binge-watching your favorite TV series!

38. Arabia.Starzplay 

If you live in the Middle East, this might be the site for you!  This well-designed and user-friendly site is easy to register for, and provides the option of a 30-day free trial.  It provides HD picture quality in 17 countries within the Middle East.  The site is easy to contact if you experience problems or have questions.  Once you move further down on the homepage, you will discover a colorful display of a wide array of options for your entertainment.  Arabia.Starzplay also offers effective parental control features.  Arabia.Starzplay is a cleverly-designed and unique site that really feels customer-centered.


This easy to use site lets you quickly register and begin enjoying your favorite TV series.  There are numerous genres listed on the right-hand side of the homepage.  You can click on one of these genres to be brought to a page with series listings within that category.  Examples of TV series offered on this site include “NCIS,” “New Girl,” “The Voice,” “The Good Place,” “Kevin Can Wait,” “A Place to Call Home,” “Victoria,” and “Ray Donovan.”  This simple site has everything you need to have an enjoyable TV series watching experience.


This simple page is easy to use, but make sure to watch out for annoying pop-up ads.  At the top of the page, you can click on the “Genres” option for a list of genres, or “Country” for a list of countries of origin in which the series you are looking for is made.  This may be an especially useful feature for people who enjoy series made outside their native country.  You can also type the name of a specific series in the search box provided at the top of the page.  Alternatively, you can simply click on TV Shows to see the site’s selection of series.  Examples of series you may watch on this site include “The X Files,” “Blue Bloods,” “The Affair,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “Into the Badlands,” “The Last Kingdom,” “The City,” “Haven,” and “Person of Interest.”


This user-friendly site is colorful and attractively designed. specializes in Indian shows and Bollywood movies.  You can watch your favorite Indian shows on a set scheduled which is clearly set out on the site.  This site is a great source of fun and enthralling entertainment for anyone who enjoys Indian shows and movies.  It certainly provides a wonderfully excellent selection within its niche.


This site is easy to use, but you may have to contend with a few relatively unobtrusive ads.  You can register for the site, or if you wish (and feel comfortable doing so), you can log in using your Twitter or Facebook account.  Only do this if you feel entirely comfortable with the prospect.  Click on “Series” at the top of the page.  When you do so, you will be brought to a page setting out the site’s many selections.  Examples of the many popular and entertaining TV series available on the site include “Game of Thrones,” “Mr. Robot,” “Shameless USA,” “The Walking Dead,” “Suits,” “This Is Us,” “Atlanta,” “Victoria,” and “Supernatural.”


Have Fun!

This article has given you an abundance of websites you can visit to watch a wide variety of entertaining TV series.  It’s time to make the popcorn, and set yourself up for your next TV show binge-watching session!

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