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How to fix process system isn’t responding on Android?

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While opening apps on your android device, if you get this error which says ‘process system isn’t responding’, then you don’t need to worry about that can be fixed in a number of easy ways that if not every then surely some of them going to work. It is just a normal error which happens when kernels of apps are not working properly or hardware doesn’t seem to respond when ordered by operating system to open. Here I am going to state three of the best possible solutions which are surely going to work for you.

fix "process system isn't responding on your android device


Fix process system isn’t responding No 1:

  1. 1. If you have rooted your phone then undo it.
  2. Go to factory settings and reset them. Then clear the phone cache.
  3. Flash the stock room using your device.
    • Note: If step 3 doesn’t work then follow the step 4.
  4. Download this on your device and flash your phone using Odin 3.04.

Process system Not responding- Fix No 2:

This is a very simply one and could be done in a matter of pressing some buttons.

  1. Boot your device by pressing and holding the buttons in the following order.
    Power > Menu > Volume up buttons.
  2. Wipe the phone cache using stock recovery mode and then re-boot your phone.

This is going to restore your settings and fix the error.

Process System Isn’t responding in Android- Fix no 3:

Here comes the simplest one. You won’t believe this actually works.

All you’ve got to do is remove the battery from your phone and hold the power button for a couple of seconds (or maybe more time if you want to but still it should be enough). Put the battery again and power on your phone. In this way you can fix this error the easiest way.

Fix “process system is not responding” No 4:

There still is something that you can do to get the error fixed. This is more of a hardware error that happens due to the SD card sometimes. For instance you have bought a new phone and it is giving this then it means that something in the hardware is messing with your phone because there are not any chances that a new phone would give this error. And since I have mentioned that this could happen due to something wrong in your SD card, then it is obvious that changing the SD card could help fix the problem. Another thing that I know off is that this problem seem to occur on UHC type 64 GB SD cards and if you buy a new 128 GB UHC type SD then you are most likely to get over with this problem.

Some useful information on “process system isn’t responding” error:

Here is some important information of the problem. As I have mentioned that problem can be also be fixed by changing the SD card. But you can also fix the problem without changing the SD. And that is not a very difficult task either. All you have got to do is moving some apps that are on SD, back to the phone memory and this might solve the problem. The reasons behind is that some apps are not meant to function properly on SD and when you move them to it, they cause this error “process system isn’t responding”. So our fix is simple. Move back some apps back to your phone memory and you might fix this problem with this simple way too. Hope you liked this new update in the post.

Finding this solution to the fix was quite a pleasant thing and in case you know any other solutions to this problem then you can feel free to share it with us. Leave your feedback and queries in the comment section below and stay tuned to AGEEKY for more!


  • I did all the above except flashing using stock ROM since my volume up is not working. Is there any way that I can clear cashe and data without using volume up? Plz help my device is tecno h5 4.2.2


    Just got a brand new Samsung galaxy s7. Started getting the error made me concerned. Returned the phone for exchange for brand new phone, and **got the same error** on an out of the box phone. (except for one thing…)

    You know what did it, and how I fixed it instantly? I HAD PURCHASED AN INCOMPATIBLE SD CARD! DOH!

    I had purchased a San Disk card 128GB off amazon and it was a not a UHC type card. It had a “Speed Class” of 10. When I swapped that out for a “UHC Speed Class” card (happened to be 64GB with a U1 rating) no more error upon reboot!

    Now the only remaining question is whether it’s the 128GB thing that caused the error, but I really think it’s the speed class issue. Furthermore, with the 128GB Speed Class 10 card I was getting occasional hangs on standard video recording to the card.

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but thought I’d try.

    • OK well the above needs to be revised. I did not get the error with the new blank 64GB U1 card. However, when I loaded up my 32GB of music (7700+ files) and my few hundred photos onto the card… then I started getting the error again upon restart.

      Doesn’t seem to be affecting my phone. Very weird. If you all have any suggestions I’m all ears.

      (Is it the fact i have >8000 files on the SD card that causes a delay in the OS leading to the error msg?)

    • Got an update a couple of days ago and my phone (Galaxy S5) got incredibly slow and the battery life tanked. Checked the SD card and have the same issue, the update meant the SD card was now incompatiable. I’d suggest anyone else having this issue pop out the SD card and see if it improves.

    • yes it did help.. when i removed the san disk card, my tablet worked just fine…
      but then this problem only started occurring after the software update and it only happens when battery is below 10%.

    • Try changing the SD card. This problem is also known to occur due to the SD so changing it might help

  • what to do if lenovo k3 note is not working. mobile is hanged. and the only message is showing that “processing system isn’t is not responding.” I removed the battery for 3 hours. still phone are not working

    • At first, try all the fixes that are given in the post. If none of that works, then maybe we can find something for you later.

  • “Process system isn’t responding.
    Do you want to close it?”
    Phone is stuck at this screen. Visible options are “Wait” and “OK” and I can not click on any of them.
    I tried to restart and removing memory card and sim cards too. But after restarting when we unlock the phone it gets hanged on the screen.

    Any idea how to solve this?
    I have not root the phone. Tried above methods not working. Any idea please.

    • Those options are not known to stuck. Changing your phone software might help. Make a backup of your device before doing it.

      • I had the same problem with S5 Galaxy I just kept on removing and reinstalling battery and eventually was able to click “wait” and as quick as possible navigate to settings>application manager> scroll down to “launcher 3” click on it and then click “uninstall updates” the click “disbable”. This allowed me use the phone, it still sometimes freezs but I just remove battery and restart. Now though phone dose’nt detect SIM card spewin about that, but “such is life”

    • This message along with a slow device occurs when certain apps on the SD card should not be there. They should instead be on the internal memory. Sure, you can fix it by changing the SD card. But, you can also fix it by moving back to the internal memory certain apps such as Google Keep, Yahoo mail, Here Maps, Google Docs, etc. I mentioned a few that shouldn’t be there. If you remember, those apps could not moved to the sd card on the previous version of Android. Now, Android lets you move them and although it does, just don’t move them. Only move those apps that used to be allowed to on the previous version (if you remember them). Or move one by one and test the device after each app you move to see which app is the culprit. Don’t move 30 apps before you test the device or you will not know which one caused the problem. I mentioned the Google Docs; it is impossible to move it to the sd card even on the latest Android, but, mine did. Those are what are sometimes called bugs. I moved it back and then it doesn’t allow it to go to the sd card again which is good. All the other apps remained in the sd card and the device is as fast as ever. Most people do a reset of their device. Others replace the sd card. In both cases the problem will be fixed, but isn’t it easier to move the suspected apps back into the internal memory? Don’t replace the engine; just replace the spark plugs if that was the cause. But, both options will fix the problem. And during moving, be patient and don’t touch the screen or your device will freeze and restart on its own. By the way, on mine, the problem wasn’t the Here maps or the Google Docs although they shouldn’t be in the sd card. I did move them back to the internal memory, restarted the device and the problem was still there. The problem on my device was the Google keep and Yahoo mail. Once they moved back to the internal memory, the device became fast without even a restart. But, for every individual who encounters this problem, the apps may be different ones.

  • Pls my huawei p7 use to write processing system is not responding.asks to wait or close.if am using my Facebook it will also write Facebook is not responding,and asks weather I should close or wait.Please help me out

    • If you have Facebook app on SD then move it to phone memory. You have to try 1st three fixes to fix the problem overall.

  • I’m getting this error message and my phone freezes up n black out…only thing I can do at this point is take out the battery! If I do step 1, will it erase all my data?

  • I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and it didn’t work although they have worked before. I was going to restart it then it says
    “device will restart” cancel/ok (like usual) then it laggs on the ok option.
    It says “process system isn’t responding” wait/close.
    No matter what I choose, nothing happens and the message keeps reappearing.

    • We have already discussed this problem. Please read the complete post and also there is a fix in the comments too for this stucking problem.

  • i hav tried all the above methods. Non of them works.when I tried to wipe cache or hard reset it says “No Command”
    Is there any other way??????

  • I can’t even get to my settings my phone keep bringing up process system isn’t working please how do I get it fixed thanks

  • Hello,, greetings from Indonesia,, thanks for the tips,, I try the second method ,, but I simply don’t understand the language,, because my phone was from Chinese developer…and then I try the third method,, and you know what,, it’s actually work for me,, just can’t believe we can do that with this simple way???…
    Well,, thanks anyway…

  • Format the SD in the g7 and copy the files to the SD in the phone using your usb..set up for fIle transfer…you often can’t do it in the SD slot of your pc…because windows doesn’t care how long your file names are…but your g7 does ..and that’s the cause of process systems error…the g7 will make you aware of such file name conflicts and have you skip those files

  • reformat the sd card in the s7 …,do not copy files in the sd slot of your computer..leave the sd card in the s7…use the s7 as an external drive and copy your files..problem is windows doesn’t care about long file names but the s7 does….the s7 will point out actions when you try to copy a file w a long file name

  • Would love to say no.1 worked for me although there have been several takes to do it but its worth your patience and cooperation. And i have also searched for ways in using the recovery mode, when you select a command you should press the volume up to confirm yes or no hehe sad to say the internal memory was lost but i havent got tricked by phone shops saying it was a monkey virus and i didnt spend money for that shit. Thanks for this website but i think you should have additional information but anyways you were helpful even though im disappointed that i lost some photos and files from the phone storage well its worth the risk

  • Hy i tried stp 3 but it dsnt work, m using honor Phone and i dont used sd card…and the rest method i dont knw how to perform. Your reply will b really appreciate thanks.

  • my mob micromax bolt kernel version. system patch 2 isn’t responding i don’t know what prbm occur in my mob and sometimes flashlight too not responding plz give me some ideas to clear this prbm..,,

  • Dude! You rock!!! This fixed my tablet. Thank you. It was the SD card. The system was updated life, 2 nights ago, and then it just stopped working. Thanks again. I’m backing up my sd card then…I’m actually not aye yet, haha.

  • my galaxy s6 is frozen on the ‘Process system isn’t responding, do you want to close it” WAIT OK screen.
    I tried all the above saves but nothing is working. Cant remove battery as its built in, I’m not very techno savvy, Will I just take it a phone shop? will I lose all my photo’s and calendar inputs??? This is my work phone and I have information stored on the phone?? Very frustrating!

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