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My three days experience with dipIncome and I have already got 30 visits to my new blog, that is quite satisfactory to me.

Starting a blog is not a big deal, but you would like to make some visitors to your blog. With my three days of experience with dipIncome, I will share you some of the tips that I used and will be using in future to get some mileage.

Webmaster Forum

The first few days and most of my traffic are referral(86%), actually I promoted my blog to some webmaster forum that generated me some traffic. You could use top webmaster forums like v7n, digital point forum, webmaster sun and warrior forum. Although there are some more forum, these four are the one which I used and got traffic from.

You need to be as generic as possible and never spam the forum. You are rewarded traffic from signatures in your posts. Although the signature links are allowed after fulfilling the criteria, you could still benefit from links in your profile. I am still not awarded with signature links(v7 needs 40 posts, digital point needs 3 likes from established members) but I have posted something useful to the forum members because of which they took their time to visit my forum profile and follow through my blog.

The signature links are more effective and if you add an attractive signature post, you can be rewarded from early visitors. This could be an ideal way to promote your blog at the beginning.

Guest Posts

Guest posts could be beneficial both for link building and promoting your blog. Although I have done a couple of guest post, the site was not getting good visits itself so I could not get a decent amount of visitor through the guest post, however I could still get a backlink. Getting a guest post published in a decent blog in your own niche could award you with some instant visitors.

Social Media Promotions

The easiest way to get some visitors at the start, you can always share your links to your Facebook profile or twitter page so that your friends and followers get to know and visit your newly formed blog. Google Plus could be benefitial as well because Google suggests better search rankings on the basis of Google+ share in your networks.

Unique Searched Blog Posts

Along with guest posts and forum promotion, I will be carrying out some searches in my niche and publishing some blog posts so that I would get organic traffic. Nothing is better that organic traffic, so I will be trying to get some. Although it is difficult for new blog to get organic traffic, you could try some posts with less or no competitions, but be sure you do not get out of context in search of organic traffic.

These are all the free ways that could be used to promote new blogs. Although there are many, these are few I used. You are fee to share your views in the comment box below.

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