Is Blackmart Alpha illegal?

blackmart alpha illegal or legal
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There is a lot of debates on internet over the authenticity of Blackmart Alpha. Many people are discussing it and yet not many reach good result. Before discussing whether Blackmart Alpha is legal or not, we should see, what is this blackmart Alpha?

What is Blackmart Alpha?

Blackmart Alpha is an application very similar to Google play store when apps for Android based systems can be downloaded and installed. Difference between Google and Blackmart is that you don’t need to create any account or do registration to download things from it. You will simply need to install the app and you are done.

Every app available on Blackmart completely lacks trial periods and demos. Only complete versions of the apps are available for download on this store. Another good feature of this is that there is no app which needs money for the download. All the apps on this store are completely free.

There are many great features of this app but the genuine question still remains, is Blackmart Alpha illegal? Let’s discuss it in the next heading.

Is Blackmart Alpha illegal or legal?

blackmart alpha illegal or legal

Generally if you ask an un-biased person, he would say that anything except Google, which claims to provide android app is not legitimate. This idea seems very true. Google is behind Android and only Google should have the rights to claim on all apk downloads. It is a business and they can’t provide every app for free since there is a lot of money invested on some apps. If some provides like Blackmart provides those apps for free then a question that would hit minds is that how did they get it? For Free? Obviously not. If they are providing paid apps for free then this free in fact doesn’t come free. You would face adds, pop-ups and many infected files that could harm your hardware.

On the other hand, Google will never bother you by add and pop-ups. It is a legitimate network with full proof security where you get all your apps with 100% assurity.

It is also not wrong that not everyone is able to afford those expensive apps and that is the reason why people look for other options such as jail break and Blackmart. So before going for such option, make sure that reliability of the provider. I would always advise you to go the right way to avoid the hazards of the free stuff.

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