Lead Impact Review – How it works and Conversion Case Study

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A story from one of my friend inspired me on how he made some good return using PPV advertisements and lead impact was his choice. So today I will be sharing his story on how much he made with the help of Lead Impact and how he optimized his campaigns in order to make the most out of it.

What you will learn ?

Lead Impact Review

– What is a PPV

– How Lead Impact Works

What makes Lead impact special

– How to Get Started

– Initial deposits and Costs

Case Study – Making money with Lead Impact

– A look into actions and profits


– Rounding up things

What is Lead Impact ?

Lead impact is a pay per view(PPV) advertisement network that is wisely being used, specially for lead generations and affiliate marketing. Since this is my first post on paid per view traffic, I would like to explain you what kind of traffic you get and how lead impact works.

Lead Impact has a lot of viewers on its network. Usually people install adware from advertisement networks when they get premium contents for free. These people who install the adware are served with the advertisements if they match advertiser’s targeting options.

Basically, people download software (e.g. Hotbar, ClickPotato) to gain free, ad-supported access to a huge library of premium Web content. LeadImpact offers access to online games, videos, screensaver and software, while in return, the user installs adware and they view advertisements based on targeting.

What makes Lead Impact Special ?

The PPV advertisement campaigns could yield you some good return(I will explain a case study later in this post on how one of my friend made good return using lead impact.) if you are able to run some good campaigns.

Similar to Google adwords, you could make keyword based targeting, URL based targeting and geological targeting, however the only difference is you pay less.

Mostly all other PPV advertisement networks are almost alike, but what makes Lead impact special is its large network. When it comes to competition, trafficvance could be an alternative, but it needs a referral invitation to start.

You will need to make an initial deposit of 1000$ which you can use in your advertisement campaign later. There are many other PPV networks where you could start with as little as 200$ initial deposit, however if you plan for something big, you should start with Lead impact.


The above image traced out from leadimpact official webpage explains how an ad is triggered when a user makes a search for related keyword.

Suppose you targeted an advertisement campaign for keyword ‘Hawaii Holidays’ for the USA visitors, whenever a visitor from USA who has installed the lead impact adware searches for your keyword, which is ‘Hawaii Holidays’ in this case, an advertisement landing page is displayed in a new browser window.

Similarly if you are targeting some URL, whenever your search triggers, the landing page is displayed in a new browser window.

So if you are using advertisement targeting properly, you can ensure your advertisements are being displayed to targeted traffic and better targeting yields better conversion.

Case Study – How Daniel made money with Lead Impact

Let me introduce my friend Daniel from Denmark. He works for an IT and marketing company in Denmark as a SEO and adwords specialist from four years and does online entrepreneurship as a part time. He has been promoting and selling affiliate product online since a long time.

With a deposit of his first 1000$ at lead impact, he could have make these in returns on his first month.

Spent – 620$

Total Views –  41333

Total Sales – 103

Profit per Sale – 12$

Total Affiliate Profit – 1236$

Net Monthly Profit – 616$

Now as I have broken down the figures above, Daniel just had 0.25% conversion. Now if you maintained similar conversion rate with adwords campaign, you should have been in huge loss, but since PPV ads were cheaper, he could make sales worth 1236$ after advertising for 620$ which means a net profit of 616$.

The Process

First, he selected a product in clickbank that he would promote. He did not want to disclose the exact product here, but on every sale, he would have got 12$ as an affiliate commission.

Now that he has a product to promote, he started an advertisement campaign on Lead Impact. He tried both the URL and keyword targeting and later stuck with the one that performed better.

For URL targeting what he did was he used placement option in the display advertisement network to know the website related to his product and number of views the website generated every week.

With this idea, he could use the URL placement option in lead market to promote his product.

The product he was promoting was worth 23$ and that shared 12$ profit to the affiliates.

Although there are many products where you could get more than 50$ commissions, you should always search for a product with lesser prices that gives some good commissions.

The Conclusion

Lead impact could be relatively cheap in compared to advertisement networks like Google adwords. Although Daniel made some decent profit with his advertisement campaign, the conversion rate from lead impact could be very low.

Since we are targeting people who are using the adware to view the ads to get the games and contents for free, these traffic are usually freebie seeking traffic which makes it very difficult to promote and sell a product to these kind of traffic. This is the reason why the conversion rate remains pretty low.

Although it may be difficult to sell product, you can always use these type of traffic for CPA based campaigns where people get freebies after they convert some offers.

The success rate of your campaign depends on your campaign. If you have decent experience or a bad one with lead impact, please feel free to share your review in the comment box below.

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  • I tried using lead impact but recently when I logged in I saw zero in my balance, although there was over $800 left last time i checked. They say that they took my money because I was not running campaigns for the last 6 months. What kind of terms is that? This is a dishonest company, please be aware of it.

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