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Moto X3 a 5 inch smartphone is soon due to be unleashed

Moto X3 a 5 inch smartphone is soon due to be unleashed
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Aside from the point that it replaced its CEO (Rick Osterloh was swapped today by Aymar de Lencquesaing), Motorola appears to have been fairly serene this year, and did not introduce any kind of new merchandise. Nevertheless, the organization, that is now a Lenovo subsidiary, proposed that we must always soon see brand new Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E phones.
Among the up-coming Moto X smart phones could possibly be labeled as Moto X3. This label is included in a list over at Zauba – an internet site that monitors imports and exports to and from India. The site is listing the unit as “Motorola Moto X3” , however, the “Motorola” branding is not likely to be utilized on the final product, being switched out with “Lenovo”. It seems that, what we now have here is a 5-inch, single SIM GSM handset – and that’s almost all we are aware of it (right now).

Moto X3 a 5 inch smartphone is soon due to be unleashed
The X3 confuses us a little: whilst Motorola has numerous Moto X phones ( the most recent one is the Moto X Pure Edition ), there was never a Moto X2. Yet, in the past, Zauba exposed the labels of numerous unannounced smart phones, so we’re prone to assume that this Moto X3 is real.

XT1700 and XT170 part of Moto E series also coming along with Moto X3:

Previously this week, we learned about 2 more unreleased Moto handsets: XT1700 and XT1706 (obviously, these are simply product models, not their retail labels). The2 phones, likely associated with the Moto E series, should certainly have features like 5-inch 720p screens, quad-core MediaTek processors, two GB of RAM , and alsoAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow. Currently, we do not understand how the Moto X3 stacks up to the XT1700 and XT1706, however, we will update you with the latest news whenever we get our hands on it.

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