Plans to deal and handle SEO clients Professionally

Actually I have been into Search Engine Optimization since a long time, however I had not done anything Professionally. All I have done, all I have learned was for my personal projects, so I never learned a professional way to deal with the Search Engine Optimization clients until a month ago.

With the launch of an eBook that displayed my ways on how I was successful to rank my new blog for some keywords in a month, I got some clients that asked me for my service and I was happy to take this challenge.

Challenge Accept………ed

I have been doing SEO for a couple of clients and positively from about a month now, I am able to improve their performance. I will show the results and stats ; before and after I took the charge once I get something to show you guys.

However in this article, I will explain my professional SEO Plans to handle my clients.


Pre Agreement Steps  and deals?

Transparency – This is one of the major things I have been able to maintain with my clients. I am very much clear with process, the outcomes and the expectations. Never over hype things so that the client expects more. Try to be as much clear and realistic as possible. Never think that you would loose a project if you are unable to counsel a client, be as much realistic and clear all the doubts of the clients about Search Engine Optimization.

This is probably the first step with the client, when you make first conversation, be sure you be as much descriptive about the missions, plans and expected results.

The Analysis – This is one of the major steps for a successful campaign. You must be able to make a proper analysis before you start a campaign. For most of the Search Engine Optimizers, this is most probably the post-sales agreement, however I never start the SEO campaigns before I analyze the client’s website. I look for competition analysis, the client website analysis, its possibilities and the feasibility reports. Usually I make them clear in the first conversation that I charge for the analysis even If we do not proceed with the SEO campaigns.

However even if they do not take my SEO campaigns(one of my three recent client did not proceed further after the analysis step.), I make sure they get service worth they paid me to analyze. I prepare a list of to do things and improvements that is needed to rank a website.

The expectation vs the Reality agreement : OK, now that the client has my analysis, what do we do next ? Usually in the analysis phase I calculate the assumed budget and time to rank a website for that keyword. Here, we discuss about the budget the client is expected to spend and what they could get back out of that.

Usually, what if a client wants to optimize for a keyword that has a lot of investment and competition?

I ask the client to be realistic, I explain them how difficult and expensive it would be to compete for those keywords and consult them an alternative way. If that is okay, we proceed, if not, we terminate.

The Post Agreement Deals and Plans

Usually after we set into agreement and when I start my service, first what I do is I take a note of stats when I took charge of the website. These are usually the metrics I note:

1. Website Rankings – I use alexa ranking and similarweb ranking and note them.

2. Organic visitors – Now that I have the access to analytics, I take a note of exact number of organic visitors of my client.

3. Backlinks – I take a note of exact number of links directing to my client’s website. Usually I use backlinkwatch, Alexa, ahrefs, etc to note the number.

4. Keywords and positions – With the help of webmaster tool, I keep a note of best performing keywords and their ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing. Additionally, I check a rank of the keywords my client wants to rank for.

The Weekly Update

I keep the clients updated with the stats. Comparing the stats during the stats of the projects and recent, we could track progress. I usually compare the metrics that I mentioned above and send them to the clients as a weekly reports.

For my most recent client, I have been able to get his website up to 38th position from 55th position in Google search ranking, improved his organic traffic by 5% on average already within first two weeks. I send the updates regularly and he is happy with that.

The final comparison

I have not reached to the final stage of my project yet. This is usually the time frame I assumed to rank their websites. However at the end, we would again compare the results from the beginning to the end.

Usually this is how I handle my clients, you can share your views in the comment box below.


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