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PS4 Update 3.50 has more features than it was advertised

PS4 Update 3.50 has more features than it was advertised
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The most recent software upgrade for the PS4 update 3.50, has got a few concealed, or unannounced features that Sony hasn’t put into the official patch notes. The most important change is adding the support for an external HDD’s of up to 4TB, up from the last restriction.

PS4 Update 3.50 has more features than it was advertised

Reddit Firmware Mega Thread Reveals Tons of Hidden Features of The PS4 Update 3.50:

In addition there are a few more brand new highlights which have been revealed by PlayStation 4 users in the Reddit firmware 3.50 mega-thread. This firmware update was already an important one, if not one of the larger updates, adding the basic capability to stream video games from the PS4 to your PC or Macintosh, however, underneath they have discovered that the capability to play music saved on USB drives, also allowing you to enjoy your saved songs when you play. Along a similar vein, now you can hook up a hefty 4TB external HDD’s, in case you would like to download your whole library of video games.

You will discover a few smaller alterations that have crafted their way into the PS4 Update 3.50, too. It is more convenient to look for live streams of particular games via the Live From PlayStation app, you can in fact pin around 3 video games near the top of the applications search area. Screenshot notifications now can be turned off, you can also put a part limit from 2-8 people and there is lots of stableness improvements across the whole Operating System, which includes the PlayStation store.

It is undoubtedly liable that a lot more unseen, yet tiny, adjustments or highlights seem to have been included or modified significantly. If not a significant feature, it did not appear to make it into the official patch notes, however, the Reddit team is making an effort to investigate what more may be concealed away.


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