4 DIY Ways to Sell Your Unused Domain Name for Cash

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Written by staff

There are many ways to sell your unused domain name for cash. You just need to be creative and know where to look.

1) Auctioning: This is the easiest way to sell your unused domain name for cash. Start with a minimum bid of $10,000 and increase it until you find a buyer.

2) Selling it on Flippa: If you are looking for someone who will buy your domain name, Flippa is the place to go. The site has an option that allows people to buy domains at a fixed price or auction them off for the highest bidder.

3) Selling it on NameJet: This is a popular option if you want an immediate sale of your domain name without going through an auction process. Just submit your offer and wait until someone accepts it.

4) Selling it on Sedo: When you submit your offer, Sedo will contact the owner of the domain in order to get more information about its value before making a decision.

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