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All of us love android games. There 1000s of games that keep enchanting our hearts. We don’t get bored while playing these. But of course since these games are not our creation we have to play them the developer’s way. What if you could modify these games and play them as you want? Well this is exactly what Game Killer APK does.

This app helps you hack, modify and adjust your games according to your choice. For instance, you want unlimited fuel for your Hill Climb racing or keys for Subway Surfer. You can also make other modifications that you need to make your game experience easier.

download game killer apk

The best of them yet released is version 3.11. Let us tell more about this latest version of this app.

Features of Game Killer APK 3.11:

  • Fixes all bugs in the previous versions.
  • While playing game, touch on the game killer sprite shall bring up the app.
  • By using a repaired number, you can lock the game value.
  • HEX edit is also a unmentionable feature of the app.
  • You can search a game’s worth with the exact number given and much more!

Things you need to know:

  • Your games might get stuck/freeze while using this app.
  • Rooted android device is must for the this app to run.
  • It does not work from some online games such as Hay day and Teen Patti.

How to download and install Game Killer APK?

  1. First thing is first. Download the APK file from the link given at the end of this article.
  2. You will need to enable downloading from the unknown source.
  3. Install and enjoy the app.

How to use?

  1. Launch the applicationi and minimize it and then launch the game you want to play.
  2. Look for coins or gems you have in the game and note the value.
  3. Write the value in the game killer. Let GK auto search and identify.
  4. Once you are provided with the results, change the values and tap OK.

And there you go having all the fun with this amazing android app. This would definitely revolutionize your android gaming experience.

Download Free Game Killer APK all versions here:

You can download different versions of this gaming app in apk files here:

Download Game Killer 2.60 apk:

You can download apk file of 2.60 version of this app here.

Download Game killer v3.11 apk:

Download game killer v3.11(311) apk free here.

Download Game killer v4.10 apk Latest edition:

You can download the apk file of the latest edition of this app totally free here.

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