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Prank Dial APK Download Latest version + Features & Review

prank dial apk
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It is not always necessary to use your phone for work and business. Your phone can sometimes provide endless entertainment and fun. There are a lot of app on the market that are made for pure entertainment. Some can be enjoyed alone while some take more persons. One of those many apps is this great app named Prank Dial. This app as its name suggests is for pranking people by making fake calls. Select pranks of your choice and then calls people to have some limitless fun. Make funny prank calls and listen to enjoy the reactions of your friends. There are a lot of pranks that you can choose from this. This app also has a lot of other great features. You can download the free Prank Dial APK at the end but first, let us tell about the features of this app.

prank dial apk

Prank Dial APK Features:

This app is really a home of great entertainment. You will definitely need a good android phone to start with this app. Once being downloaded and installed, this app can be a reason of many smiles that you will have. This app has a lot of features about which I can’t stop writing. However, the words are limited and I am going to mention few. You can know the rest once you download the Prank Dial APK and install it.

By using this app you can enjoy 2 free prank calls every day. However, if you want, you can use this guide to have unlimited prank calls. Still, if you are okay with a little time and fun then 2 calls are enough. Just do what you are required to. Select the prank from the list of many and send it your friend as a call. He will attend it and then this prank is going to bother him. You can laugh and enjoy while he is getting annoyed.

This prank dial app has more than 150+ pranks which are a large number. You can choose any prank that you think is funny. Then, send it your friend by making a free prank call. 150+ pranks are a huge number and this will give you a lot of fun.

Prank Dial app has a feature of recording and saving those calls. Record all the reactions given by your friends and show them later to laugh enormously. Your friends are also going to enjoy hearing how stupid they sound HAHA!

There are also a great variety of prank call numbers and you won’t get caught. So don’t wait and get this free Prank Dial APK at the end for endless fun.

How to use install and use Prank Dial APK?

Installing and using this app is very easy. Just download the free Prank Dial APK at the end of this post and install. Then open the app and choose the prank to use against your friend. Now make a prank call using of prank dial numbers. Listen to your friend’s reactions and have fun.

Learn how to get Free Prank Dial Tokens

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