How Mobile Phones are Taking Over the World

Mobile phones were viewed as a passing trend and as luxury items just several short decades ago, but now, almost everyone over the age of 12 owns his or her own mobile phone. However, mobile phone technology may have spread like wildfire over all parts of the First World, but the technology itself is not as new as many people believe. Mobile phone technology was actually first used during World War I in German military trains. In 1926, first class passengers in German commuter trains were offered the use of mobile phones as a matter of routine.

In a prophetic book about a future Utopia from a child’s eye view, author Erich Kastner included mobile phones as futuristic fantasy item. His book was written in 1931, 60 years before cell phones first began to become popular on the global mass market. When cell phones first began to be common objects in many modern households, it was widely thought that only spoiled children had cell phones of their own. These days, however, numerous parents consider cell phones to be routine personal equipment that can help keep their children safe in today’s extremely uncertain world.

Although car phone use exploded during the early 1990s, they had actually been in use in luxury cars all over the world at that time. The first handheld mobile phone was produced in 1973 by Motorola; however, the trend didn’t catch on until almost two decades later.

At present, there is a staggering 96 mobile phone subscriptions for every 100 people on Earth, and the trend shows absolutely no chance of slowing down. These phones have come a long way since the cumbersome, two-piece phones of the far distant past. They don’t simply put people into verbal contact with one another anymore; they function as cameras, social calenders, shopping aids, alarm clocks, personal alarms and perform a variety of other services for users. Some mobile phones have so many bells and whistles that it is not uncommon for some users to feel overwhelmed by them and unsure of how to use them.

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