My Blogging Plan and SEO Strategies in 2015

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Flashback – The Year 2014 and back

The year 2015 has arrived in a positive note for me and with many challenges. From my new blog DipIncome to my new IT office that I started with my friend, I will be facing many challenges this year which will decide my future. My main focuses for the year 2015 will be to take my new It company, Orange Tech Pvt Ltd to next level and attract some visitors to this blog.


The year 2014 was an average year to me. I made some good money online with my other blog and sold the blog to fund my new IT company. As I checked out my three years records with, I found out that I made something around 40,000$ in around three years with the blog. I also got Google certified in Adwords and started to run campaigns for my clients and completed my Bachelors(Honors) degree in Information System.

So the year 2015 will be more challenging for me as I will have more responsibilities over my family and my career. However today I will highlight on how I will promote this blog for the year 2015 and what my plans would be for this year to improve the blog.

Plans for the 2015 – SEO Strategies and Blogging Plan

I started this blog back in December and till now, I have been pretty successful as I have ranked for certain keywords and started to get some organic traffic with those rankings. Within a month, I have already started to get some organic traffic and that is very much inspiring.

I have discussed about the link building strategies in different guest blogs and SEO strategies for the year 2015, however in this post, I will explain them in brief with my plans.

My main Highlights for the year 2015 will be:

  • Add Traffic and Income Report : I have always been a great fan of the bloggers who are transparent with their visitors.,, etc are some blogs that I follow very often because they are transparent with their earning and that is really inspiring for the followers. So as soon as I make some respectful and inspiring traffic and income, I will start sharing those with my visitors. I will keep track of Alexa ranking and other statistics and will add the report monthly or in a regular basis starting this year.
  • Get Email Subscribers and Social Followers : Soon as I start to get some regular visitors, I will start an Email marketing campaign and I will start to get some subscribers. For that I will provide something valuable for free for subscribing. Beside, I will also aim to increase social followers, as I will mostly concentrate in Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Giveaways and Contests : I plan to launch giveaways and contests.
  • Interviews and Inspirational blogging Stories: I will catch up with different successful bloggers and share their inspirational stories from the struggles they faced, their first earning, their first few months in blogging and share their experience with the valuable readers.
  • Publish an eBook and sell: I have never promoted any of my products as I have always either promoted other’s product and got affiliate commission or made some amount with Google Adsense. This year, I will be launching my own eBook and promote.
  • Upgrade to SSL : Google has a very less but influential priority given to the secure websites, however it has publicly announced that those could increase in future. So I will get a SSL this year.

SEO Strategies in 2015 that I will be using

Although SEO had changed a lot in time, the techniques has barely changed for white hat guys. If you were natural and loyal to Google, you may have barely experienced any penalties. So I will stick with my traditional ways of SEO from back linking to on Page optimization. I will try to keep the SEO process as natural as possible and take care of following things.

Backlinking: This will be one of the key things I will focus for the year 2015 as Backlinks are always important and they have added a great value for me. From guest posting, forum posting, blog commenting, to many other ways, I will build backlinks in a way that looks natural to Google. I have discussed that in detail in my previous article, Easy ways to build backlinks in 2015.

OnPage Optimization : I will take care of Google Speed and user experience. Google encourage webmasters to make the website as much user friendly as possible. There is a Google developer tool for reference.

SSL Upgrade: Google has publicly announced the advantage secure and encrypted sites gets over normal sites in rankings, so I will make sure I upgrade to SSL to enjoy ranking benefits.

Digital Marketing Experiments and Results

As I have introduced Orange tech earlier, I would like to elaborate a little more about the company that me and my friends started and how that would relate with DipIncome.

Orange Tech is an IT company which will be responsible to develop software, design and web development, Search Engine Optimization Consultant, Digital Marketing firm.

We have planned to market our blogs digitally rather that traditional.  I will be sharing my updates on the company here and will also add some results. I will share my experience in digital marketing which would certainly value the readers.

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