Neat and Easy ways to make backlinks in 2016 for new Bloggers

backlinks 2016
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Note : This was a blog post that I wrote back in 2015 and it attracted many visitors. The blog post is updated in 2016 and all the mentioned strategies are works and these are being used by me.

You try to look for some Search Engine Optimization Resources and everywhere you end up with a suggestion to build backlinks to your blog. For a blog to rank, either five years back or now in 2015(2016 now), backlink is an important factor but the prospects and the techniques have changed due to change in Google algorithms.

It was the time when link wheel and link farms were used for black hat techniques, but now black hat techniques will sooner or later be penalized and punishment will be too harsh for the webmasters. So my suggestion would be not to build links in a way that looks unnatural to Google.

backlinks 2016

Google has been trying to make search more user friendly and its spiders crawl pages in a way that a natural user would expect the top page result to be. Actually when a user searches some keywords in Google search engine, a user is not searching websites in the web, rather it is searching websites from the database. Google has its own database that stores all the websites indexed and the search results are displayed with the help of algorithm to ensure quality results at the top.

So when a user searches for some terms, the Google bots(spider) look into the database and ranks the search results based in the algorithmic rules. From on page optimization factors like page load speed, keywords, contents, to off page optimization factors, Google checks into different ranking factors to rank a website. One of the main factor remains backlinks.

Tip : To get yourself confident that backlink is still number one ranking factor, search for ‘click here’ in Google search. Go through the top ranked website. You will notice that the top position website has nothing like ‘click here’ in their title, meta tags or content, still it has occupied the number one spot.

If you have tried the tips above, you might have already been sure now on the weight of links in Search Engine rankings. Adobe ranks highest for ‘Click Here’ even though they have nothing like the keyword in the content because they have lots of backlinks with anchor text ‘click here’ and important of all, all links are genuine and natural.

So I will be discussing few easy ways to make genuine backlinks in 2015 that I have been trying and experimenting for my blog, but before that I would like to discuss in the importance of anchor texts and how you should use for modern SEO.

Neat Ways to Tweak Anchor Texts

Consider these three ways when you will be building links to your blogs or websites.

1. Anchor texts are often used accordingly to your targeted keywords. When you get a back link to your website, you would like the texts in the links to be related to your landing page and keyword. Suppose you have a website and you would like to target the website for keyword xyz, try to diversify the keywords in the achor texts. Meaning that if you get 100 backlinks with all 100 anchor texts, ‘XYZ’, that would look unnatural to Google and you would certainly be punished.

Considering my blog, and main keyword, ‘Make Money Online’, I would go with following anchor texts if I build 100 backlinks.

‘Different Ways to Make Money Online’ – 5

‘Ways to make Money Online’ – 10

‘Make Money Online’ – 15

‘Dip Income’ – 15

‘’ – 10

‘Dipendra Pokharel’ – 10 (That is my name)

‘Dip Income Blog’ – 5

‘’ – 5

‘Money Making Experiments’ – 10

‘Online income strategies’ – 5

‘Online earning tips’ – 10

That would make 100 in total and most importantly, you need not to concentrate with what keywords or numbers I have used above. The main point to take is you will need to shuffle through some other keywords rather than only using the targeted keyword which is ‘make money online’ in my case. This way you can make your backlinks look as natural as possible.

2. Diversify your backlinks to different pages in your domain. Suppose you would like to rank your homepage for your certain keyword and you just get links to your homepage. Google may suspect this unnatural, so instead diversify your links. If you build 100 links for an example, get 40 to the home page, and divide remaining 60 to some of your other blog posts or pages.

3. ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’this is a proverb that you have been hearing for decades and this makes sense even when you build backlinks to your sites, most importantly in 2015 where the search algorithms has come to finest after multiple updates. For Google to consider backlinks natural, you would better keep your backlinks flow slowly but steadily. Get 100 backlinks for your site in two days and forget it from the other day, your rank may improve at the beginning but believe me your ranking will start degrading in a while. Instead, build links steadily, everyday or in a way that would be in an even proportion. It may take you time to rank but you will rank for a long time and chances for getting penalties are minimum.

Note – I have been using 100 backlinks, that is just an imaginary figure. It does not mean that if you get 100 links, you will rank higher but you will have to work according to the competition in your keyword and niche.

So follow these guide and build some links with the techniques I will be sharing your below , you will certainly see some positives as the time passes.

With new Google updates, the link building strategies have changed, I will be discussing some tips with the value of the link building techniques in SEO.

Guest Posts for Backlinks

Guest Posts always have high values in backlink and these are the most convenient ways a new blogger could earn some quality backlinks, quality in the sense that you could earn a high PR backlink(my guest post has already been published in daily blog tips, one of the most followed blogs in blogging niche.).

The formula is very simple, search for some blogs in your niche and interest, if your niche is blogging, you could easily find ways to get your first guest posts published because many top bloggers accept guest posts until the posts add quality to their readers. So write some killer articles and offer the posts for backlinks. Try to start with some new blogs rather than top blogs in the beginning which will ensure a quick first backlink with guest posts.

Guest Post could also have an alternative benefit. Beside backlinks, you also get some good traffic from the link if your posts are published in some top sites and if your landing blog is impressive enough, within a short time you will get a genuine returning visitor.

Fiverr Gigs for Backlinks

These could be one of the best $5 you could every spend. There are really some great gigs on fiverr that would give you backlinks for $5 but you need to be safe and know who does real good work.

Additionally for $5, you can get a high quality PR 6 guest post with dofollow link to boost your SEO.

 Helping a Reporter

This is quite a new thing that I got inspired from backlinko, you can sign up with , there are some paid packages but the link I have added is a free subscription. Based on your location, you can be contacted with opportunities to write news for some media. You provide them with content, and they will gift you with link and believe me, a link from relaible news source could have very high impact in your SEO.

Blog Commenting

Although Blog commenting do not have high impact in passing link juice, they still have existence. Find blogs related to your websites and start making genuine comments. You will not only get a backlink but this way you can also establish good relationship with a blogger in your niche which will always be a great benefit for your blogging career in a long run. Ensure that you add comments that adds value to the conversation. Do not just comment for your benefits, rather comment genuinely.

Forum Signature and Profile Link

They do not provide values as they used to but to be precise, they still do. Forum links could be an ideal way for a new blogger to get links as well as Traffic. In my previous blog post, I have mentioned the value of forums on generating traffic for new blogs and additionally links from some top forums like V7n(dofollow), digitalpoint and WarriorForum still count because they ensure the profiles in their forum are not spam. You need to win the trust in the forums before you get links, V7n needs 50 posts before you get a signature link while digitalpoint needs three likes in your posts from established members. The process may be difficult but believe me, you can get some good traffic, back links and learn if you get involved in those webmaster forums.

Directory Submission Still Works

Google penalized and deindexed many link directories for adding spam links, so the one that exists have a good sight in Google. Although they may carry very less influence as compared to the past, directory link building strategy still works.

PR Sites and Article Submissions

They are many free PR sites where you can submit you press releases for free. Avangate has a list of 50 , however my favorite is where I have build backlinks for almost all of my new blogs and believe me, with one PR published, you can get multiple backlinks. The content on these PR websites are syndicated in different other websites and you get some bonus backlinks  with incredible value in your ranking. Aditionally there are many article submission websites, you add a quality article under their guideline and get some good backlinks.

Wiki, Blogs and Web 2.0 Sites

A web 2.0 websites are those that gives user space to interact and collaborate with each other. Websites like where you can create a blogspot blog or where you can get a WordPress sub domain are web 2.0 sites. There are many and you can use these to generate some backlinks but you need to follow some guideline or tips on generating backlinks with this sites.

Usually I create some 10 Web 2.0 websites , randomly in blogspot, wordpress, weebly, etc and I make them as genuine as possible. My blog is about making money and blogging tips so I make similar kind of blogs in Web 2.0, add some articles( in between 5-10 in each). I put them in random days(not all posts in same day as I do not rush in these process) and that when I understand that Google has started to give a good value to my web 2.0 sites , I start giving backlinks maintaining some gaps and making them as genuine as possible in a way that I discussed above.

Although this may be a difficult process, you can always hire content writers around the web. Fiverr could be good way to get cheap articles but if you want them for free, you will need to put some effort and you will get good link values from web 2.0.

You can even get your links into some wiki sites like Wikipedia, they must be very much relevant or the moderators will remove your links. I have some links in Wikipedia in my football blog and believe me even if the links are nofollow, you will get some good value in long term. Additionally I also get some referral traffic from Wikipedia.

The 2016 Update

Skyscraper technique : One main technique that has been mentioned so many times in 2015, the skyscraper technique is one of the best used technique to build links to your blog post. In this technique, you build a higher and better building than your competitor’s.

Imagine your locality has a 20 storey building and it is the highest one in the town. It is obvious that people would talk about the building more often than other. So to get all the attractions, you will build another 25 storey building and all of a sudden, people will start to talk about your building.

Similar is the skyscraper technique discovered by  of Backlinko. In this technique, you search for a keyword and check the content that ranks for the keyword. You write better and informative content that the one that currently ranks for the keyword. Second and most important, you check website that links to the content that currently rank and then ask them to link your website. Since you have better information, more than 30% of people will tend to link to your blog post.

Conclusion – These are the methods that I have been using and will be using in the early stages and I have already seen some results. Although I have seven years of Blogging experience, I will start with scratch in this blog as a new beginner and with these methods, I have already seen my website crawled and ranked in top 10 pages in some of my keywords.

Be as natural as possible and live up with patience in white hat methods and you will certainly see results in a long run.


  • Congrats. You’re currently ranked 2nd for a keyword no one searches for. I wonder how much organic traffic you actually get. Is this how you search engine optimize? Good job. I think I would be better off reading a guide book on how to house train a puppy than reading your fantastic $10 eBook detailing how you managed to achieve mediocrity.

    • Actually this is quite a big deal for my blog which is just little more than one month. And to be honest, this blog post is the one that delivers me 80% of my blog traffic.

    You are a really talented writer, and an excellent content promoter.
    Don’t care about what pessimist people say, they couldn’t do it for themselves, so they try to put others down.

    I was referred by your post on Steam SEO and Your blog worths it 🙂

    Please add me to all of your Email lists now you have my secret email 🙂

  • Informative blog post Dipendra. Its interesting that someone found your blog post by searching for a term that ‘no one searches for’. You have managed to explain important SEO tips in simple and understandable way. Just out of curiosity, which keyword research tool are you using?

  • Dipendra: Yet another well written article. I always found the world of SEO and backlinks very daunting but you have broken it down in words that we can understand. Will certainly apply these techniques to my websites. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Dipendra, congrats on your awesome job. I just discovered your blog from your guest post at stream-seo . That proves that your strategies work as you describe! Your posts provide value to us no matter what trolls say 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Hi Dipendra, I found the content very interesting and informative. I am currently on the path of trying to increase my new websites traffic. I will definitely use some of the strategies you mentioned.

  • Interesting, I really think it’s important to start relationships with other bloggers in your niche, and keep track of influencers who usually share content that is similiar to your own. Great post!

  • Great post. It really helped in analyzing the mistakes which a beginner generally commits and fails to find it at right time. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful content which is necessary for every blogger.

  • I am working for a website from past 4 months and and I am also from the field of online marketing. I have done almost all on page activities on it and get over then 200+ baclinks which also have more then 100+ high pr and da pa domains. Still my website is not ranking with most of keywords even traffic is to less. Please take a overview and tell me what can we do to get organic traffic and whats the flaws we have in this website. one of our competitor have good rank from some keywords even the website have only 38 backlinks with it and those link dont have high DA PA. competitors website: subscribe-renew[.] com my website I checked it with similerweb its showing website have 9k traffic in a month.

  • Hey! I am new on your website. Anyways, I am here to ask you I run a blog and I seriously don’t know what else can I do for asking bloggers for guest posting… I was on guestr and also on mybloggest but no one reply my messages… I ask kindly to exchange and my blog have a DA of 36…. I am even trying with bloggers with a DA of 25… and they reject my proposition asking for money… I mean seriously???? what can I do?
    Kind regards.
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  • interesting, I absolutely assume it’s critical to start relationships with different bloggers on your niche, and preserve song of influencers who typically share content this is similiar on your own. first-rate publish!

  • Its in my nature to learn from others who are better than me. I apply a similar learning approach for blogging as well. A few week ago I started a blogging series by writing things that I have learned, put to action and seen results.
    Thanks for sharing another sooper post.

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