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ReverbNation vs SoundCloud

ReverbNation vs SoundCloud- our review
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Sound Cloud is again put to a match and this time vs ReverbNation. Both of the websites have their pros and cons so let’s breach with ReverbNation vs Sound Cloud.

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Comparison of Reverbnation and SoundCloud:

Here is the detailed comparison of both the platforms. Read the pros and cons of both and decide which one suits your needs.

ReverbNation vs SoundCloud- our review

Pros of ReverbNation:

  1. It is free to use and don’t you need to pay to use it. But if you want to advertise or register your music on Amazon or iTunes then you will have to pay some money.
  2. You can also sync your Facebook account with it so your friends will keep knowing about your tracks.
  3. You can also embed YouTube videos so this gives you can opportunity of creating your own audio-visual portfolio.
  4. You will get a statistic email from the site which has record of all of your number of plays and new fans.
  5. Those who are part of music such as record labels, fans and promoters, they can sign up and be a part of the adventure.

Pros of Sound Cloud:

  1. Sound Cloud is very easy and free to use. Its beautiful and easy interface allows everyone to user it better.
  2. Besides embedding it allows a lot of options for the publishers which may include HTML or Flash etc.
  3. Feedback from fans is always important and on sound cloud it’s easy for the fans to give their. They can also have discussions on any song and part of song with going through any trouble.
  4. Uploading and sharing process is very easy and you can anytime and then upload it on sound cloud.
  5. You can easily organize and manage you tracks and there is no file size limits.

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Cons of ReverbNation:

  • Digital distribution is very expensive especially when you want to it to make on iTunes etc. $34.95 is a good price but you will have to play to get something.
  • To distribute, you will need to re-upload your files and that is tiring thing and none wants that.
  • When you sign up for the Reverbnation, you will need to select a special genre though it can be changed later. If your mind want different music genre every time you want to listen then it is a little problem of course.
  • Mp3 music file limit is 8 MB in case of the profile which is very pretty and what if a user needs more?
  • Though it’s embedding widget is easy to use than sound cloud, it is still ugly LOL!

Cons of Sound Cloud:

  • There are no gig listings on sound cloud.
  • There is nothing in the field of visual personalization, in fact you can’t even give a background image for your song.
  • Most users don’t make a user account and if they don’t, they can’t comment of give feedback.
  • You can’t purchase anything without a distribution deal and this is very ugly.
  • You can’t download a song if it has already been downloaded 1000 times and this limited system download is really bothering.

So, this was a short comparison of reverbnation and soundcloud. You can share your opinions and experiences about these two platforms in the comments section below.


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