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Some Awesome Star Wars lamp Shades

Master Yoda Star Wars lamp Shade
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We all have light lamps at our homes. What you buy from market are custom industry made designs and many of them look beautiful. But if you are not happy with the lamp shade of your lamp then internet is full of extra lamp shades for your appliance that will make it more beautiful and attractive. You can also buy lamp shades design of your favorite movies or comics. Here I am going to mention some of the beautiful lamp shades from our favorite Star Wars series that you would definitely love.

R2-D2 Star Wars Lamp shade:

We all love the character of R2-D2 in star wars which is a cute Droid that with his cute and funny talk made Star Wars what today it is. Now if you want to buy R2-D2 lamp shade to give your lamp a D2 look then please hurry.

star wars lamp shades

Download D2 Star Wars lamp shade from this link.

Master Yoda Star Wars lamp Shade:

We all love Master Yoda who was a creature of great skills and leadership skills. He inspired many to become great warriors such as Luke Sky Walker. Now if you want Master Yoda Nightlight then follow the link below.

Master Yoda Star Wars lamp Shade

You can buy Master Yoda Star Wars shade from here.

Star Wars Death Star Lamp shade:

Death Star was the most deadly and biggest weapons of the Empire. Though Luke Sky Walker destroyed it but you can still buy as your night light on the internet LOL!

Star Wars Death Star Lamp shade

You can buy Star Wars Death Star lamp from here.

Darth Vader Star Wars Lamp shade:

Darth Vader is the most deadly but also kind hearted antagonist that film screen has ever seen. We all loved his awesome character that turned from a loving husband and father into a vicious monster but still had kind heart. If you want to Darth Vader to be part of your home decoration then you buy lamp shade for your home.

Darth Vader Star Wars Lamp shade

You can buy Darth Vader light switch from this link.

So, these were some of the best star wars lamp shades and their download links. If you know about some more awsome lamp shades, do mention them in the comments sections below.

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