Top 10 Root Apps for Android

backup screen with screen backup app
Written by staff

You are looking for some real cool root apps for your android? Here we have chosen Top 10 Root Apps that you will definitely love to use.

1. Greenify:

If you’re sick of apps that run in your back ground and continue sucking battery without you knowing about it, then go for this app. Greenify will identify all running apps and hibernate them when not in use.

greenify-one of top 10 root apps for android

2. Data Sync:

By using Wi-Fi, FTP or Drop Box you can sync your date very easily if you have multiple devices.

data sync android app

3. Cat Log:

By using Cat Log, you can find bugs in your apps and de-bug them easily. Here you can easily know what’s wrong with your device and fix them to help improve performance.

cat log root app

4. Disk Digger:

If you mistakenly deleted your memorable photo then don’t worry, Disk digger can bring back all of your deleted photos and you can re-live your memories again.

disk digger andriod app

5. Wi-Fi Protector:

Save your phone from Wi-Fi attacks especially from a public network that could bring viruses and other threats to your device.

save your phone with wifi protector

6. Trickster MOD Kernel Settings:

Well! This app can over-clock your GPU and also improves the performance for other apps since it has many Kernels.

Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

7. Samba File Sharing:

With this app, you can easily protect your SD card and you can access its files all over the phone by broad casting it everywhere on your network.

share files with samba file sharing android app

8. Titanium Backup:

A very useful app to back up your important data so that you can save it. Use a USB to transfer the files and restore them with the help pf Titanium back up.

backup data with titanium backup root app

9. Screen Backup:

When your screen goes off after sometime, it interrupts your processes or an important work that you might be doing. This app can sure help with you this problem since it prevents screen from being gone out and keeps your processes running.

backup screen with screen backup app

10. Chain Fire 3D:

This is an awesome app for gamers but how? Well! This can run new games that your old device can’t run. It allows you to disable graphics performance for other apps to help run the games that need better phones.

chain fire 3d