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As there are quite a lot of apps developed yet which provide nearly the same platform as AppCake but are lower if you counts on reputation, but Apple users with jail broken devices always prefer AppCake, Why is this so? The reason behind it that flexibility and depth which AppCake offers is unparalleled, thanks to Sir. Saurik for giving us best installous up. As we know this app is solely designed for iOS devices and not for the Android platform.

What is an AppCake?

AppCake is an app, which has been designed in such a manner that it enable users to download any premium app without even paying a penny for it.

Now where to get AppCake? It’s simple as currently Cydia is the key source to download the AppCake without dealing with any sort of problems. Now the question arise that actually what is Cydia? “Cydia is iOS app created by Sir. Saurik for jail broken devices, it’s an alternate of Apple iTunes, but providing the same platform as Apple iTunes.”

Step by step guide to install AppCake on our iOS device:

  1. At, you must have an iOS device atleast updated to iOS 5, well now days every one have above iOS 8 LOL!
  2. Now what you have to do is jailbreak your device via using Cydia.
  3. Add “this to Cydia repo.
  4. After that add it, open up the Cydia whereas you download AppSync (according to your device iOS version), install it.
  5. After the Installation of AppSync, Open up the default iPhone browser aka Safari.
  6. Go to this site.
  7. Click on and install the AppCake.
  8. After that, a dialog box appears click on the install button.
  9. Wait till the installation completes, now restart your device, but you will need AppSync to install cracked applications.   
  10. Now open up the AppCake and enjoy the diverse world of free apps, I mean world of paid apps for free grrr! whatever.

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