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List of top 5 Best Kik Alternatives for Messaging

10 best kik alternatives list
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No doubt that Kik is a wonderful texting app but most people are sick of its bugs and other problems such as account spamming etc. In that case you’ve got to look for alternatives and here is our list of top Kil alternatives.

Here is the list of top 5 Kik Alternatives:

10 best kik alternatives list


Being the most used messaging app all over the world, Whatsapp is also the best Kik alternative. It is an app where texting and connecting with people reaches a new level. Voice messages, calls and other cool features make whatsapp the best texting app as well as the best Kik Alternative. Another good thing about this app is that there are about one chances in a million that you will face bugs in this app. It also gives you very good privacy options hence making your chat experience better than ever.

use whats app instead of kik

2. LINE:

Competition out there in this field is very tough. Developers got to do something very unique to make texting lovers use their app. What does LINE has in this regard? Well if you didn’t know then besides texting options LINE provides you with amazing internet call quality. You won’t face any sound issues and connection problem. It is available for all the major mobile platforms such as IOS, Android and Windows Phone. First originated in Asia and now it has a vast world wise fan base and even bigger than Kik. No doubt that LINE is another very best Kik Alternative.

line- one of the best texting app


Available for major phone platforms including Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry, VIBER is growing as a fast instant messages and free internet calling app and is another best Kik alternative. It allows you to make high quality calls, instant messages with beautiful texting interface and many other things. You don’t need a Google account to make this work. Just activate this on your cell phone number and make your friend base stronger. More features that you get on VIBER include sharing video and audio with the lads, send voice messages and much more. If you can spend some money then you can make calls to your friends who don’t have VIBER and that is for cheaper than actual cell phone rates.


4. Blackberry Messenger or BBM:

Let us introduce due to the former King of instant messaging apps in our list of Kik alternatives. It is available for Blackberry only and used to be a wish of every heart in past. But since the competition in this field is very high now, that’s why its status declined as each day passed. This app was and still is a wonderful platforms for instant messages and chats. Not it has support of IOS and Android too and could be used as a good Kik alternative for its amazing chat features.

blackberry messenger app

5. Snap Chat:

This is a unique app that is growing its fan base stronger each day. It is not some regular messaging app. In Snap Chat, you can create a video or capture a snap and then share it with your followers/friends by putting an attractive text next to it. It will later disappear after sometime and you don’t need to worry about that. Now use images and videos to express your feelings instead of just writing the words which sometimes hold no meaning. Moreover you can do video-chat which will be much more fun on a messaging app. Then why this shall not be yours best Kik Alternative when it ensures too much fun over a messaging app?


Tell us about more of such amazing apps if you know any and give feedback on our list in the comment section. Stay tuned to AGEEKY for more fun stuff.

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