List of 10 best mp3 download sites for Music

Being a music lover, you really want to know some of the important things. You need a good medium to listen and also a good medium to download the songs. Here I am going to make a list of 10 best mp3 download sites for Music and I am sure you going to love this.

top 10 best mp3 download sites

1. You Tube to Mp3:

You Tube to Mp3 is a free online website that converts You Tube videos to mp3 format and you can download song within matter of few clicks. The reason I mentioned this at 1st is that most people would use You Tube to listen music and then they can download the exact thing from this site.

2. Mp3 Skull:

Other than online converting website, someone who provides you really good and vast mp3 music is mp3 Skull. You can download each and every song of your choice and with good sound quality. Easy to surf, listen and download, Mp3 Skull is really a site for music lovers.

3. Mp3 Box:

Another of the largest mp3 music providers on internet. Want to look for your favorite artist, music, old school, Pop, hip-hop anything? Yeah just Mp3 Box on Google and have fun!

4. Mp3 Base:

Though new in the field, it still is covering more than any other popular sites at their initials. The site is full of music, artists and all the mad music stuff that you want to have on your phone so come on niggas hit it Yeah!

5. Bee Mp3:

Well this site sound buzzing but believe it is as awesome as honey bee. From hard to sweet, old to new, Pop to Hip-Hop, there is not a single music genre that you won’t find here so keep this in mind while downloading Mp3 stuff.

6. Epitonic:

Now don’t just listen to music but also share this on your personal bloggers and anywhere you want to share it. Epitonic provides you an opportunity of going full on in music and Rock On!

7. Pandora:

This is a site where you got to register yourself first and then enter a world of musical paradise. Sadly it is available in few countries such as USA, AUS and New Zealand. It was started in 2000 and is a very successful online mp3 website serving music lover at their best.

8. Radio:

Catch all the latest music, music telecasted on Radio shows, Podcasts and much more on this amazing website named There are forums for the listeners where you can discuss anything you have on your mind concerning your favorite artist, genre and songs.

9. Songs.PK:

Being an Asian I had to mention this. Though most of music here in Pakistani and Indian and there isn’t a lot western music but it is my duty to tell my people about where they can find their favorite mp3 music. Catch up all the Bollywood and Pakistani music on and have some Banghra (Punjabi dance) or Attan (Pashto Dance).

10. Jamendo:

Catch up songs that are hot out there today and keeping the people rocking on. Find all your favorite genres, songs and Artists here on Jamendo. Discuss what you want to say and have fun while listening around to awesome quality mp3 music.

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