Targeting Facebook ads at Website Visitors to increase Email subscriber List

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I have noticed my news feeds with different offers or ads that I am interested at. How could the advertisers be so precise about my interest ?

May be many of you have this question in your mind when you see some offers in your news feeds which you could not ignore. These are so much interesting that you could not stop from clicking.

Eventually you click on it and take the offer which increases the conversion of the advertiser.

With more than 2.2 Billion users in Facebook, how do you think the advertisers get to you who could be so much interested with the ads ?


Take a look of an image clip from my news feed which shows and advertisement from John Loomer(I am sorry that I revealed your advertisement campaign). This ad popped up in my news feed exactly after I reached the website searching for Facebook ads related stuffs and landed on his website.

This means when you start up the campaign targeting your website visitors, it means you are spending your money in exactly the kind of audiences that would be taking your offers.

What happens then ? Your click through rate will eventually be higher which means you would need to pay less for clicks and your conversions rate would be dramatically high reaching your advertisement goals..

These case studies in Jefbullas blog itself shows how successful Facebook advertisements are to increase sales and Email lists.

The odds are pretty good for your to find your visitors in Facebook as a research shows 71% of total internet users in America are on Facebook and the figure is pretty much similar in most of the countries, sometime even better.

So you could use Facebook ads to target website visitors which will eventually increase the performance of your advertisements improving the conversion rates meeting your plans.

The Process – Building Custom Audiences with Website Visitors

If you are familiar with Facebook advertisement and used them before, the process is exactly the same. You run advertisements in the similar way, however instead of targeting audience with age, gender, location and interests, you will target your ads to the custom audience that you will create with your website visitors.

The Process:

1. Go to Facebook Power Editor

2. Click on Create Audience and then  Custom Audience.


You will see some options as in the image above. Click on Website Traffic.

3. Read the TOS, click on I have read and accepted terms and conditions and then click ‘Create Audience’.

4. Next Choose your options, name your audience and then click on Create Audience.

There are certain options which are already clear by the way they appear.

Anyone who visit your website – Target visitors that visit any pages in your website.

People who visit Specific Web Pages – Target someone who visits a specific page in your website.

People Visiting Specific Web Pages but not other – Target someone who visits specific URL in your website only if they do not visit some other URLs that you specify.

People who have not visited in a certain amount of time – Target someone who visited your website but did not come back.

Once you have everything set up, you are ready to install the code in your website so that Facebook gathers your visitors in your custom audience list.



5. Last step, you will need to add code to your website. Hover the mouse over get help under availability and click on view pixels detail. You will get the code, paste it inside the <head> section of your website and you are ready to get started.

In wordpress, go the the theme editor, under Appearance > Editor and then click on header on the right side to edit your header file. Paste the code you just copied just before the end of head section(</head>).

Once the pixel is installed and you have at least 20 people in your list, you are eligible to run your ads campaign targeting the customer audience you just built.



If you have installed your re-marketing code in your website, you will not see the message in the image above.

Landing Pages and Offers

Now that you have a list of people that you know will be interested in your offer, you will need to create an offer which they could not decline. You know your audience better than anyone else, so create something that your visitors want and promote them with the advertisements.

In my case, where my visitors are mostly SEO and internet marketing related people, I would target them with an eBook which would be of their interest.

The Landing pages should not be confusing, ask them to subscribe to your email list before you deliver the offers and this way you can grow  your email list.

Creating ads with the custom audience

Once you have your audience list(more than 20 visitors), you will be able to start your ads campaign. Start your ads as you used to before, while in the custom audience list, choose the name you used to create your list with the steps ahead.

Additionally you can even broaden your targeting by choosing the country, ages, gender, etc which will let you choose even specific audience list.


I am pretty much sure you have learned a lot from this post. This is exactly the same trick that the internet marketing geeks use, only difference is that they have a bigger market to target.

Facebook lets you with an opportunity to start with as little as 20 people in your list, so you do not need to have an enormous list to start this advertisement prospect.


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