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Game Killer 2.60 Free APK download and more!

download game killer apk free
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Previously I told you all about the game killer latest apks. I also told you the features and user guide from the version 3.11. Before 3.11 we had another version that had amazing features was 2.60.

This version is a design of perfection which definitely brought a revolution in the mods. This was because of some really immersive features in which a very good and easy to use interface is a part. Let’s have a quick look on the game killer 2.60, its features and use.

Game modes and hacks are making mobile phone gaming easier and easier and every day. Now not just playing games but also modifying and hacking them is on your fingertip. There are many developers out there who are making new and innovative things in gaming and app platforms. One of the innovation which is not less than a blessing for not so pro gamers are these modes and hacks with the help of which they modify their games and play them easier than before. Game killer is one of those innovations that is now ruling over the hearts of many users and getting more and more attraction each day.

As I told you before that game killer 260 is an android app. It helps us hack and modify games according to our choice. What are those cool features that made game killer 2.60 worth downloading? Let’s tell you in a brief and well set featured review.

download game killer apk free

Features of Game killer 2.60:

It has a lot of features and here is a list of the top ones.

  1. When you look for value in the game, you can enter the same number in the game killer to search.
  2. You can also search game value using imprecise value that could either be smaller or larger.
  3. In game killer 2.60, you will be able to lock game value to a fix number.
  4. Your managed lists can be loaded and saved.
  5. Just as 3.11 you can bring up GK app while playing game. Touch the game killer sprite to do that.
  6. HEX edit mode is also the part of app.
  7. It also provides you with the dump mode and many more!

Note: To use this app you will need to root your device otherwise it can’t be used. Rooting is another achievement of the developers that bought Android to your knees. Now enjoy all the games and apps that were unreachable before. There are several methods out these to root the Android device and you might also know many. Best and easy way to do that is with FRAMAROOT (read the full guide here) because it doesn’t require any PC involved to root your Android device and can be done easily on phones.

For the lighter version of android it is best that you go for this version of the game killer. Forget about heavier versions and stick to this in case you don’t have advanced device. Moreover, it provides almost all the features that higher versions have. So you don’t need to put extra load on your phone. Use the app and have fun.

So what are you waiting for? Root your device, install this Game Killer 2.60 and enjoy your games in the environment you want for them.

Free Game killer 2.60 APK:

You can download game killer 2.60 apk here.

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