Home made Thermal Paste experiment - Shocking results

Home made Thermal Paste experiment – Shocking results

Thermal Paste working and a brief overview:

Thermal paste is a actually a very high conductive substance, which conveys heat from silicon chip and transfers it to the heatsink/cooling fan. Applying thermal paste is actually necessary between a chip and HSF. Graphics cards come with pre-applied thermal paste from vendors, yet it need to be changed after 1 and half year or so. In case of CPU chips they actually doesn’t offer pre-applied thermal paste, you have to apply it by your own. For this purpose we reckon to use some high quality thermal pastes such as Mx 4, artic silver 5, ice fusion etc. However, here we have something special for you and that is how to make thermal paste in home. We have tested it on old Core2Duo processors but the results are amazing.

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Home made Thermal Paste – Making:

1. Toothpaste + Vaseline:

You can make a good thermal paste via mixing up a mint toothpaste (non grit,non gel) with Vaseline in 3:1, means 3 parts toothpaste and 1 part Vaseline. Mix both the ingredients for like 5 minutes atleast, afterwards leave it in fridge for 10 minutes. Here you go your home made thermal paste is ready to apply. If you are carrying the same experiment as we did then make sure to apply a very even layer of this thermal substance, plus the layer should be thin. This thermal paste will work for approximately 5 months for you then you have to apply it again and yeah stains are there too. To remove stains use petrol, make sure not to wash the chip with petrol LOL! just soak cotton in petrol and clean the mess up.

2. Baby diaper rash cream (Rashnil):

Well here we have a magical thermal paste for you, yeah if you have babies in your home you can try there diaper rash cream such as Rashnil as thermal paste, and amazingly it works like a charm. This thing I have been using since a long time LOL!. Baby diaper rash cream works best for around 5-6 months. Then you have to re-apply it. To remove stains use petrol, make sure not to wash the chip with petrol LOL! just soak cotton in petrol and clean the mess up.

Home made Thermal Paste experiment – Shocking results:

Testing methodology:

For test we have used various substances as you can see in charts below. We have used Core2Duo processors. Tests are actually carried on Dell optiplex 755 systems fitted in with oldie Core2Duo processors. To take CPU temps to peak we used Prime95 for around half an hour. CoreTemp was used to monitor temps during tests.

Home made Thermal Paste experiment - Shocking results


Real image quality here

*Food items used were just for testing, they yield good results but will degrade in few days and may oxidize copper base plate of heatsink, moreover, they are very very difficult to clean. You can try Toothpaste + Vaseline or Diaper rash cream for longer lasting results. Yet it is better to get a branded thermal paste.

*We are not responsible for any damage claimed because of this post.

Some bad Thermal Pastes you should never try:



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