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55 Funny WhatsApp Status Ideas That You’d Love

Whatsapp is one of the popular IM application that allows you to chat with friends and family. Funny whatsapp status ideas allows you to portray yourself in a humorous mood.

So, here we bring you the collection of 55 best funny whatsapp status ideas 2017.

funny whatsapp status ideas

WhatsApp Status Ideas 2017

1. It’s true that the early bird gets the worm but definitely the second mouse gets the cheese.

2. When you remix a remix, it becomes normal.

3. Stop making eye contact while eating a banana.

4. God’s creative… Take a look at me.

5. Drinking fanta doesn’t make you fantastic.

6. I Prefer WiFi to Wife.

7. You don’t trust anyone while you look for TV Remote.

8. I was driving Bentley until my alarm woke me up.

9. Farting is easy at the zoo.

10. After you fart, the blame game starts.

12. Cousins are only there for marks comparison.

13. For a badminton player, love’s nothing.

14. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

15. When I need to look for my phone, it’s on silent mode.

16. Stop following the heard, just be yourself.

17. You’re a joker if you always make somebody laugh.

18. Texts two people? You’re Bi-Textual.

19. You are as useless as ‘ay’ in ‘okay’.

20. Complain to get better service.

21. Cool whatsapp status 2017 – Too many cooks spoil the broth.

22. ‘Seen’ is the SI unit of ignorance.

23. Stop looking at my status. Do some work!

24. Mah style… Mah ATtitude!

25. All you need is an distant place – to fart.

26. Your Attitude defines you.

27. My handwriting isn’t bad… It’s my new calligraphy.

28. Don’t compare yourselves to others.

29. Simply be you…

30. Go… Sweat it out. Instead of looking here.

31. I am my favorite – (more Funny whatsapp status ideas 2017).

32. Always maintain a ‘take it easy’ attitude.

33. Be happy even if everyone’s sad.

34. My success strategy is a happy customer.

35. I am alwayzz awesome!

36. NextGen: Smartphones but lazy people.

37. A day can be either good or bad – depending on your attitude.

38. Life’s too short to quarrel – Enjoy!

39. Road less traveled is because of a reason.

40. Success comes before work only in a dictionary.

41. A black cat would definitely stop people rather than a RED signal – Funny whatsapp status ideas.

42. Don’t stare at my lustige whatsapp status.

43. Just look at the image which I show you and not the complete gallery.

44. Stop looking here…

45. Be you… Not who the world wants you to be.

46. I am lazy like 8

47. Your laughter is my WTF

48. Sleep till you’re hungry… Eat till you’re asleep.

49. A broken clock is right twice a day.

50. Converting O2 – CO2 is difficult.

51. A funny cool whatsapp status.

52. Mon + 4 equals Fri … But Fri + 3 equals Mon! Why?

53. Longer titles means stressful jobs.

54. All girls are my sisters…except you.

55. Assume God’s playing angry birds… If a bird hit your window.

These were some of the best funny whatsapp status ideas 2016 collection.

Have you got some other whatsapp status ideas you’d like to share?

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