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Shield Android Tablets is recalled by Nvidia for potential fire hazard

Shield Android Tablets is recalled by Nvidia for potential fire hazard
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The hottest version of Nvidia’s Shield tablet has acquired pretty great marks across the board, either as a video gaming device and as a broadly functional tablet, yet it is currently acquiring notoriety. The firm reported today that it is reviewing a substantial number of the devices because of a battery problem that may result in overheating and a potential flame.

Shield Android Tablets is recalled by Nvidia for potential fire hazard

As Nvidia itself said in a press conference:

“NVIDIA is asking customers to visit www.nvidia.com/support/tabletrecall for information on how to obtain a replacement device. NVIDIA is also asking consumers to stop using the recalled tablet, except as needed to participate in the recall and back up data. Consumers will receive a replacement tablet after registering to participate in the recall. NVIDIA is coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the recall follows established industry practices.”

As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall influences in the range of 88,000 tablets on the whole (approximately 83,000 purchased in the U.S. also, 5,000 in Canada) and includes models sold between July 2014 and July 2015. Fairly counter-intuitively, whilst users of the tablets are encouraged to quit buying them, Nvidia is first requesting to do a software upgrade and afterward look in the settings to confirm the specific battery model  found in the tablet. In case if it is an influenced model so, you can immediately choose the battery option there and launch the recall application on the device.

People with an affected unit will get a replacement from Nvidia at no cost, the good news is that no injuries have been reported till now, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that there have been just a total of 4 reports of overheating and 2 reports of damage to flooring.

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