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Interesting Facts about Dota 2

dota 2 interesting facts
Written by staff

Are you proud of being a good Dota 2 player and claims to know everything about it? Let’s have a look on some of the interesting facts and see if you are right.

Dota 2 Interesting Facts:

dota 2 interesting facts

Fact No 1:

Clockwerk, when attacks an enemy, also give some damage to the foes he passes by.

Fact No 2:

When upgraded with Aghanim’s scepter, Life Stealer can easily beat Burrowed Nyx.

Fact No 3:

When Tuskar Walrus is allied with Bat Rider, it cancels a lasso and does not if not allied.

Fact No 4:

If upgraded with Aghanim’s scepter, Phoenix with Super Nova can easily save an ally and can also cancel unlimited Legion’s duel.

Fact No 5:

Phoenix’s perilous sun rays can’t be stopped with any of Naga’s web, Treant’s over growth or Spirit bear’s entangling claws.

Fact No 6:

Enemies fountains can easily be deactivated with Nature’s prophet sprout ability.

Fact No 7:

This might surprise you but two or more battle furies gives more damage to enemies nearby than your main target.

Fact No 8:

Tinker can re-arm Guardian Greaves but the same is not true in the case of Arcane boots.

Fact No 9:

Life Stealer cannot cancel abilities such as Leshrac’s pulse nova, Naga’s song of the siren. It can also gobble down his enemies.

Fact No 10:

Life Stealer can eat Witch Doctor with activated Voodoo restoration and Witch Doctor can’t user mana while casting. Amazing bug, isn’t it?

Fact No 11:

You can easily avoid suck spells like Lina’s ultimate ability with Phantom Lancer’s doppelganger ability.

Fact No 12:

Used urns earlier by enemies, can’t be used by your team mates.

Fact No 13:

With Lotus Orb, when Spirit Breaker charges a hero, the hero will also do the same against him.

Fact No 14:

Roshan doesn’t seem to like nature and destroys every tree on his way. He can’t do that with Furion’s sprout ability.

Fact No 15:

While using his ultimate ability, Timber can’t attack but can do when he uses Legion’s ultimate.

I hope you did enjoy knowing all of this. Stay Tuned! For more.