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iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 – Which one to choose?

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3, which one is your choice? Some say Apple will dominate the market with its latest technologically advanced smartphone. It seems so, but Galaxy S3 is also all ready to give a tough time to Apple iPhone 5. The proof is the count of the sets sold in first 100 days of its availability. Such a big count hasn’t been heard in the Smartphone world, other than about iPhone.

If you think you have to decide from Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, then which one would be your choice? The lines below will guide you the right way. There are certain categories that need to be considered while deciding about certain phone and ignoring all others. What these categories are? Here is a glimpse.

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

How Does it Look?

It’s not easy to design a phone that is beautiful and durable, but Apple knows how to do it. Although, iPhone 5 is much similar to iPhone 4, but still it has stunning looks. The glass of the screen is shatter resistant and there is more aluminum to make it more durable. All these design elements make it a much better option for Smartphone lovers.

Weight of iPhone 5 is just 112 grams and that of galaxy is 133 grams. Galaxy S3 is 8.6 mm thick while iPhone 4 and 4S were 9.3 mm thick. Apple enjoys edge over galaxy S3 due to looks.

How Does it Feel?

Apple takes an edge over Samsung in built up of iPhone. Samsung has been working over the size, button, layout, and shape of the gadget and the changes are made while keeping the consumers in mind. Galaxy S3 is comfortable for holding and the reason is button placement. It’s easy for users to interact with the screen and to reach the home screen. Menu is also easy to access from the device. iPhone is also in good competition, but power button is not rightly placed. Galaxy takes an edge over iPhone in terms of feel.

What’s the Screen Quality?

Apple and Samsung have been trying to know which screen technology is best to present high quality picture. iPhone 4 has retina display that has forced other manufacturers to come into the field and compete with Apple’s impressive phone screens. Compared to IPS LCD screen technology of iPhone 4, Samsung has introduced AMOLED screen. LCD screens are different from AMOLED screens. Galaxy S3 is the best example of AMOLED screen, but iPhone’s screen is brighter and better adjusted. Apple’s old LCD is the winner right now.

How is the User Interface?

Although, Apple is in tough fight with Samsung, the user interfaces of Galaxy S3 and iPhone are desolate.

Many features of iPhone are dependent on unlocking to make the new iPhone free from any restrictions and use it in any way. Same is the case with Samsung which also needs unlocking, but iPhone has more serious concerns regarding unlocking.

iOS 6, the new operating system of Apple is simple and easy to handle along with fun-filled animations. It can be compared to any other touch operating system, as it’s more pleasant and enthralling. However, Samsung is also trying hard to make Android more beautiful and more consistent. Galaxy can be a better phone if it leaves Samsung. The recent Android interfaces are dull compared to iOS, but still these have some good personality that is missing in Samsung’s phone.

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