Top 5 Racing Games for Android

One of the most common reasons why smart phones became so popular was the innumerable games and applications that they brought for the users. Among thousands of different games, one common category that is played as well as enjoyed by everyone is the racing games. Looking at the popularity and fan following of these racing games, developers have always shown interest in creating new and featured games for all smart phones. Particularly, the Android operating system has a bunch of cool racing games to its credit. These games became favourite among people as soon as they were launched in the market. So below are the top 5 Racing Games for Android.

1. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

GT racing 2

Developed by Gameloft, this racing game for Android has some of the most prestigious cars to its credit. You have to choose the best among these magnificent cars and win the race taking place in a life like and innovative environment. Ranked as the richest handheld racing game, GT racing 2 has managed to grab a lot of attention from players from across the world. Some of the high-end cars used in this game are Ferrari, Audi, Bugatti, Nissan, Dodge, Lamborghini, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and many others. On winning each new challenge, you will get the chance to choose a new car. There are around 1400 different events such as knockouts and overtakes among others.

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2. Drag Racing

drag racing games for Android

Created by Creative Mobile, Drag Racing games for Android enables you to drive some of the most high end cars along with their official license. You will be able to buy your own car and update it from time to time. You also get to show your skills in Β½ and ΒΌ mile races. You will also be able to compete with millions of others players by comparing scores via the leader board. First time ever, you will be able to compete with 9 other racers at the same time while playing in the online mode. Driving along a straight line is not at all easy and Drag Racing proves this. Maintaining a balance between power and grip, it will be challenging to win this game.

3. Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racing

Based on physics, this is a very addictive racing game developed by Fingersoft. Our uphill racer, Newton Bill is on a strange journey of conquering the highest hills on the moon. He is determined to do something that no one has ever tried. You will get many different cars for taking this journey and with each stunt & Trick that you pull out, bonus points will be given. With 14 different levels, this is a really interesting game.

4. CSR Racing

csr racing game for Android

Created by Natural Motion Games Ltd, you have to take part in drag races in deserted streets of a city. It is a highly addictive game due to its impeccable graphics. You will be able to upgrade your car while also competing with millions of other players via the leader board. Precision racing is a must for this racing game.

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5. Fast & Furious 6: The Game

fast & furious 6 game

This popular game is developed by Kabam. This racing game takes you through drag & drift racing in the busy London streets. On performing well, you will receive cash and respect from imminent players of this franchise. Join this team for taking on tasks and accomplishing them. Online races and amazing graphics makes this game more interesting.

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Sohil Memon
6 years ago

No doubt, these all are nice games but you should include “Asphalt 8” – it’s the racing game of the year and available for free too. Thanks πŸ˜€

6 years ago
Reply to  Sohil Memon

Thanks for stopping by Sohil … Will surely include Asphalt 8 in my next update ! πŸ™‚

Robert Singh
6 years ago

I’m a die hard fan of racing games and I spend lot of time in playing NFS. I guess I need to try these top mobile racing games on my android mobile.


6 years ago
Reply to  Robert Singh

You must give them a try ! Caution: Really addictive πŸ˜› …. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

6 years ago

Nice collection of racing games for android devices. The youngsters are crazy for racing games, hope this article will help them to find the best game.

6 years ago

Hello Salman,
Thank you for the above list of android racing games, but you missed one more good app..
NFS: Need for Speed for your android mobile…

6 years ago
Reply to  Parthiban

Yup … As the post was limited to 5, I couldn’t include that !

6 years ago

wow great list bro. One of my fav game is hill climb racing.

Prince Ramgarhia
6 years ago

csr racing is good game i have played that enjoyed alot,,

Nwosu Desmond
6 years ago

Awesome racing games, my favorite is the CSR Racing. I love racing against other fast cars, tweaking my car to run faster, racing and earning money to buy new motor parts.

I have tried other racing games such as Asphalt 7 and Real racing 3 as well. Nice reviews and i need to check out the fast and furious 6.

6 years ago

I like Beach Buggy Blitz racing game very much…I used to stuck up with this game lots of time…Very interesting game to play for any age people…