What Makes Managed Cloud Hosting Services Ideal for E-commerce Businesses?

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Managed cloud hosting is a process wherein several organizations share and access resources across a network through multiple servers and computers. Hosting here is provided by a third party which is responsible for its hardware, software, and other services. The key focus areas of managed cloud hosting are security of data and consistent availability. Unlike other servers that are acquired on a per hour basis, in managed cloud hosting servers are rented on a monthly or yearly basis. Cloud hosting is loaded with features which makes it ideal for e-commerce businesses.

  1. Scalability

The first reason has got to do with the scalability of your business. E-commerce businesses are prone to market and regulatory issues and may scale up or downsize according to circumstances. Managed cloud hosting services allow e-commerce enterprises to add or reduce resources without adding any significant cost.

  1. Speed

An e-commerce website is more likely to succeed if it loads quickly. In the case of Amazon, it is reported that for every 100 millisecond of latency, they make 1% less revenue. Managed cloud hosting services help e-commerce websites load quickly but it must be noted that page speed is also dependent upon many other factors too.

  1. Cost Issues

Dedicated hosting services are more expensive than managed cloud ones. E-commerce sites needn’t pay for the stuff they don’t need. If you are just launching your e-commerce business and are short of funds, you may consider opting for this kind of hosting service in order to optimize your costs. Cost optimization is an important goal for not just new businesses but also for established e-commerce businesses.

While using a managed cloud hosting service, you also don’t have to invest in expensive hardware and software. Your service provider not just owns this infrastructure but is also responsible for their maintenance and upkeep. This way, your operational costs go down significantly. Also, you don’t have to hire an entire team to oversee your hosting issues. All troubleshooting is taken care of by the service provider himself. So you can appreciate the significant cost reductions that happen when you opt for managed cloud hosting.

  1. Redundancy

Redundancy refers to the duplication of data, files and other pieces of information. One reason why many e-commerce businesses opt for managed cloud hosting is the redundancy. Though this kind of hosting keeps all the business data safe and secure but in times of disaster, redundancy comes into play. All your data is backed up, is cloned and you keep on working as usual. For E-commerce businesses, data is their life force. Customer and vendor data, business insights, payment history – all these sets of data form the backbone of any e-commerce business.


Cloud is no longer a business facilitator. Today, a company that uses cloud enjoys a competitive advantage over its competitors. Businesses use managed cloud hosting to provide unmatched customer experience to their clients. With scalable, reliable and highly secure hosting environment, cloud hosting has proven to be an ideal match for e-commerce platforms and social media platforms.

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