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Ashes of Singularity Is Now Out For PC

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The real-time strategy game Ashes of Singularity is now out for the PC. The game rotates around the humanities strife with contradicting strengths for controlling key planets in the galaxy. Players take part in huge planetary fighting to control universes, as well as for an extremely important assets called “Turinium.”

Ashes of Singularity Is Now Out For PC


As per CEO and President of Stardock’s, Brad Wardell:

We want to deliver a game that lets players feel like they are fighting a planetary war, not just a battle.As cool as the technology in Ashes of the Singularity is, our goal is to introduce a new generation of gamers to real time strategy games.

He went ahead to say:

For us, that means a game that has long term replayability, both in single player and multiplayer, has good modding support, continuous free updates for our customers, seamless multiplayer either in ranked matches or in comp stomps with friends, and can evolve over the coming months and years

The game also supports modding, DX 11, DX 12, and substantially more. Lots of you might want to see this title on Consoles too,but Phil Spencer made it clear that it isn’t a suitable title for Xbox One even after the console gets mouse and console support.

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