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Best 5 Games to play over text

story teller- one of the best games to play over text
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Hello! Today I am going to tell you about something different in gaming world. This is for both games and texting lovers because this comprises their favorite hobbies. In this post am going to you tell you some great games to play over text. Now if you were the one looking for some texting games to play then you’re going to love this.

1. Story Teller:

Did you know that you can think and write good stories? If not then this game is going to uncover some good talents hidden inside you. If you ever had the experience of bad time stories from your mom or if you want to tell some good tales to your children in future then this game is going to help you practice.

story teller- one of the best games to play over text

In this game you will think of a breaching sentence and tell to your friend. He would have to think of a good story ahead of that sentence. Then in return he would do the same. That sentence would be a random one so you will have to think something unique and tell it your friend. The one who is able to produce a good and more convincing story wins.

Moreover if you love texting lover on IM apps such as Facebook messenger or BBM and running out of ideas then this also gives a chance to do something new. It could also enhance your story telling, thinking and story writing skills so even if you don’t want to, you can still enjoy the fun.

2. 20 Questions:

This game is my personal favorite as well as of the billions of people. This game has been a hot favorite on T.V shows and radios. Everyone from children to elders love to play this game. This uses more brain and information. Let how this game works.

20 questions- best texting game

A person such as you or your friend will think of something that could a person, place or a thing. Pre-requisition is that you think of something famous. Now the other contestant in the game will have a quota of 20 questions to guess that thing which the other person has thought of. If a person succeeds to guess the thing in less than or 20 questions, he wins. Then it will be his turn to think of something and the rest is Vice Versa.

This game is as awesome as it sounds. Crucial benefits of the games include the increase in knowledge and the well use of brain. It also provides a good brain activity which helps a lot in life. So now I am thinking of something. Can you guess by asking question in comments? LOL!

3. Guess Where Am I?

Ok so this game is something that you really want to know about. We can’t stay at home all the times and we go to different places. What if the surrounding you are in with your mobile phone turns into a wonderful game? Yes this is possible with this amazing text based game. Let me tell you how do you play this game?

guess where am i

For example you in some hotel and waiting for someone. There is quite a time in their arrival so you text your friend instead of telling him that where you are, you ask him to guess the place you are at the moment. He isn’t a magician so he will need something to tell right? So you will provide him the information of surrounding around the hotel and whereabouts. If he has ever been there then of course he will guess the place and in this way you can have a lot of fun while waiting.

This is not necessary that you play the game only when you away from home. You can also play this when in home by asking your friend the place you are sitting and telling info about surroundings.

4. What if this happens?

After reading about this game you will love this game for sure. This game is probably the best use of your useless thoughts that pop-ups while you sit around doing nothing. Curious enough to know? Let me elaborate.

what if

In this game you need some situations that reach your mind randomly. That could be anything such as an event or an accident. Now what you are going to do is text the same situation to your friends and ask them whether what they would do in the scenario. For example a thought arises in your mind that what if I was a Footballer or if I got stuck in jungle? Now text that thought to your friends and read full of fun experiences and ideas that they would share.

Knowing all this am 100% sure that you really found this amazing. Now think of something or wait until something hits your mind and forward it to your friends to read the answers.

5. Kiss, Marry and Kill:

This game is as awesome as the name suggests. While playing this game you can know the different choices of people. The game if full of fun which will bring you great texting time with your friends and instead of talking here and there you can have fun. Most people do know about this game and if you are not one of them then keep reading ahead because the fun is not over yet.

kiss, marry, kill

In Kiss, Marry and Kill you will put names of three celebrities in front of your friend. He will have to choose the name of the celebrity that he want to kill, the one he want to kiss and the one he wants to marry. For example put Diego Costa and most people would want to kill and put Kate WINSLET and everybody would want to kiss and marry her LOL! And then in return your friend would do the same and you will choose them and this would go on.

So this was out list of top games to play over text. I really hope that you enjoyed reading about them. Please leave your feedback and also suggest the names of more such games to help your fellow readers who are here. Stay tuned to AGEEKY for more stuff on Tech!

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