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Tricks to sign out, change name, pass & email in kik messenger

trick to sign out of kik messenger
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While using any instant messaging or social media service, comes a time that you want to quit. You want to take a break from communication and that’s why when you stop, you sigh out of the app or website. To do that everything app or website has a logout button present in the settings or at the bottom. But for Kik users this is different. When you want to sign out of Kik, you can’t do that because you can’t find any such button there. And that’s why Kik users get stuck with the how to sign out of Kik problem. In this post am going to tell you many things such as 1. How to sign out of Kik? 2. How to change name and email in Kik? How to handle notifications and chat settings? So let’s get going.

How to sign out of Kik?

Signing out of Kik is easy but there is a secret behing. Just follow this easy step by step process and you will know automatically.

  1. Go to the settings in your Kik messenger which would be a Gear like icon on the top right corner.
    • kik gear to sign out
  2. Now in the next window there will be a list of options, clicking on each would take you to the different settings.
  3. Click on Your Account and proceed with the settings.
    • kik your account
  4. Now in the next menu have a glance at the end.
  5. There will be option named Reset Kik messenger.
    • reset kik messenger
  6. Click on this and then do the confirmation by clicking YES button.
  7. This will do sign out for your Kik Messenger and will bring the login page again.

trick to sign out of kik messenger

Now you must be thinking that this was not logout but resetting Kik. No, actually this reset button serves as a sign out button. There must have been some mistake made while developing or due to some other reason they didn’t name it logout. Otherwise this option should have been named sign out by the developers. This little thing put people in a lot of confusion and we’re glad that we were able to figure this out.

Doing this logs you out of Kik and then again you can login by entering your credentials. If you are losing your chats and conversations while logging out by this procedure which you will, then download Backup and Reset app from Google play store and then you can back up your chats before logging out. So this was all from the sign out procedure. Now if you are interested in knowing more about Kik, then keep reading this post.

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How to change Name, Password and Email in Kik?

Before reading this make sure that you are reading what you are looking for. This guide will help you how to change your name not username because username can’t be changed. It will also help you how to change your email in the app. So let’s start with the mentioned guide.

For Changing Name:

  • Go to the settings in your Kik for which procedure has already been mentioned in the first heading.
  • Again 2nd step is to go to the account settings as mentioned in the heading no. 1.
  • Now in the account settings you will be able to see an option named Name.
  • name in kik
  • Click on the option and a window will pop-up containing the new name change option.
  • change name in kik messenger trick

Now enter the new first and last name that you want to use in your Kik Messenger and keep enjoying using the app.

For Changing Email:

For Changing Email procedure is quite the same as is to change the name. Still it is better that we do it by as step by step procedure.

  1. Go to the settings the way you’ve already learnt.
  2. Now go to the account settings as I have already told you how to do it.
  3. In account settings, you will be able to see the Email option.
  4. Click on it and it shall bring this pop-up to change the email.
    • change email in kik messenger
  5. Enter the new email that you want to use.
  6. Now you will receive an email from the app.
  7. Open your mail account and click on the confirmation link to complete the email changing process.
    Your newly entered email will now control the affairs.

For Changing Password:

Changing password and keeping a strong one is sometimes very good for security reasons. Now if you don’t know that where to change your password in Kik then this guide will help you.

  1. Follow the first two steps from above heading to reach the password change destination.
  2. Find the Password option and click on it.
  3. After clicking you will see this password change pop-up.
    • change password in kik messenger
  4. Now you will know yourself that what to do. Just enter the current password and then new one to change it.

And this is was the easy way to change your Kik password.

How to change profile picture in Kik?

A beautiful profile picture of yours is a good way to find friends. If you are smart and sexy then there are chances that you might find a beautiful lady too LOL! Now am going to show you how to setup your profile picture in the Kik Messenger. Follow this step by step guide and you will be done very soon.

  1. Open your Kik messenger and go to the settings which is step #1 in each of the guides. This is your menu for the all the settings.
    • change profile pic in kik messenger
  2. Now you will be able to see an option named Set Photo  set photo in kikon the right side of the snap. Click on it and this will bring up this menu pop-up.
    • profile pic option
  3. Now it’s your choice whether to choose an existing photo from the gallery or to take a new one from your front camera.
  4. If there is a photo already saved then click on Choose Existing and it will bring this pop-up.
    • comple changing profile pic
  5. Now click on the gallery and choose photo that you want to set as your display picture on your Kik Messenger.

So in this guide you learnt that how you can sign out from Kik. You also learnt how to change your credentials such as email, name and password etc. How much was this guide helpful? Please leave us with your precious feedback in the comments section. Stay tuned to AGEEKY for more stuff!

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