4 Important Things to Consider before Buying a Smartphone

Considering the increasing popularity of smartphones and their immense usefulness, if not indispensability, to our everyday lives, there is a strong likelihood that you are going to get a new smartphone in the near future.

This is probably a good thing, but there are quite a few different models of smartphone out there, and there are all sorts of different users out there with different needs. So before you buy the first smartphone you see, try asking yourself these questions first, and then shop around:


How Secure is This Phone?

When you are shopping for a phone, you want to get one that will not break easily. Phones are too expensive to replace frequently, as we may do with some other appliances, and there have been advancements in strong materials used to make smartphones so they can take a few falls without being seriously damaged. In addition to this, check to see what cases are available for your phone, as this can vary from model to model.

You will also want to make sure the phone has a good level of cyber-security so it doesn’t become the victim of hackers or malware. Different operating systems each have their own differences in how they protect you, and you should check them out in order to determine which fits best with your usage habits.

Also, you should make sure any phone you are looking at will be compatible with a Virtual Private Network. Most, if not all, will be. More and more businesses are offering free Wi-Fi to their patrons, and many of us connect gratefully without even thinking about it, but there are serious security risks when using your phone to connect to unsecured public networks. Without a VPN, any other precautions you are taking might be useless.

Does it Have the Apps I Want?

Every operating system for smartphones comes with its own app store, but not all applications are available for every phone. When you are searching for a phone, you will probably want to make sure the model you are considering is compatible with the apps that you want so that you can get the most out of your phone.

Most phones will probably have the applications you need to use major websites and social media, so you don’t have to worry if a phone doesn’t have a Facebook application preloaded. However, you might want to make sure that your new phone has an operating system that is compatible with those applications you need for your job or the newest versions of the apps you love. Once you figure this out, you can probably pick out the best phone for you.

On a last note, you will want to consider the support the particular operating system is receiving right now. Are new apps still being developed for it? Do you think that within the next two years anyone will be using the operating system you’re considering? Following the crowd isn’t always the right path, but going with the more popular operating systems guarantee that you will have a better selection of apps to use and better support on those apps.

What Am I Using This For?

Remember that there are different smartphones are for different people. Be sure you consider what you are using it for. Are you going to need an extra-durable phone because your job has you occasionally go into some rough environments? Do you have poor vision and thus would benefit from a larger screen? Would you prefer a physical keyboard instead of a virtual one?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, which is why it can be helpful to read full reviews of smartphones instead of just the scores and statistics (although those can be very useful for determining the quality of a phone). Enthusiast forums can also be an extremely useful tool in determining which phone is right for you.

What Can I Afford?

Because they are effectively small computers, smartphones can get very expensive if you don’t purchase it in conjunction with a phone plan (and even then, they can be pretty expensive) despite decreasing costs around the world. Therefore, you should try to examine what you can afford. If you are going to be using it for only a few functions or just use it for basic communication like most smartphones, then you can likely get the cheaper smartphones with little inconvenience. If you are going to have it in your hand constantly, as most of us do, , it might be best to get a newer model.

Luckily, the least expensive smartphones will cost you little to nothing when purchased with a phone plan because the technology has been out for many years now. In most cases for the non-enthusiast, the previous years’ model will function perfectly fine at a fraction of the price. Finally, if you can wait until the next model comes out, you will find the current model at significantly discounted rates.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that the advice contained in this article helps you pick out the perfect smartphone for you.



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