A Chronological Timeline on Computers [Infographic]

From the period of the “Heavy-full room-machine” which were in need to procure an entire space to process “a modest and simplest bunch of arithmetic calculations” to the slate which gets under control of a Palm and still performs a great deal more,

Computers indeed have “a voyage” far through the way.

The Power which we grasp today have in our hands which conveys either a tablet or a Smartphone has always been surprising, till the time the first PC arrived. This makes us ponder again that, Human personality is much-much equipped for doing the “im-possible” and “un-predictable”, than any being is capable of.

Since we have advanced this much, the future looks considerably additionally much astounding and loaded with innovation which will leave us in utter amazement. The Time moved ahead in manifestation of Generations with every passing Decade, making each era pace ahead greatly.

The Timeline proceeded in a way like :

  • 1940’s: First Generation – Complex Number Calculator, UNIVAC 1101, Atanasoff Berry Computer.
  • 1950’s: Transistors – EDSAC, MIT Whirlwind, NEAC 1101.
  • 1960’s: Microprocessors – PDP 1, HP 2115, Apollo Guidance Computer.
  • 1970’s: Microcomputers – IBM 5100, Intel 4004, Microsoft and Apple.
  • 1980’s: Era of Microcomputers – MS-DOS, Floppy Disk and CD-ROM.
  • 1990’s: Personal Computers – Microsoft Office, iMAC.
  • 2000’s: Mobile Computing – Windows XP, MAC OS X, Tablets and Cloud Computing.

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Now that we have reached this pace, you can expect what I am going to state?

Super Computers will be having sense and forecasting capabilities somewhere around 2025 and 2045.

Not yet though, however soon enough!

This will make us equipped for sensing the concealed and to-be-going on, as well!!

PCs have touched an inconceivable degree of development and innovation has dependably demonstrated some positive and some negative perspectives too. This innovation once arrived at the treks and attained the heights will make us able touching the statures and degrees of Growth and Advancement.

To see the best possible visual once-over that from : “Where did the PCs begin?” and to “Where did they have arrived at now?” Just gaze the graphics below

InfoGraphic - A chronological Timeline on Computers

Courtesy of: Future On Hands

Life proceeds onward, Time develops however something which never finishes is the Human interest! The Timeline On Computers (Info-graphic Based) which is given to you in this post is one such Live Example of the same!
Lets see, what future needs to bring to every one of us! Stay Tuned to the Team iTechChat for a greater amount of such intriguing articles!

Appreciate Life, Live Happy 🙂


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