7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is the Future of Mobile

All the major encyclopedias, digital libraries, be it of music or videos and information on the remotest of topics, everything in your dainty little hand! It’s neither a dream nor a sci-fi project of future, rather something happening right now!

Before going into the depth of the topic, lets first talk about the elephant in the room and shed some light on what mobile cloud computing is.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

mobile cloud computing

The phrase is clear in itself. The cloud computing facilitated via mobile phones – this amalgamation of mobile and cloud service provides a platform wherein the major computing, storing and data abstraction tasks are performed by the cloud and mobile simply seeks an access to them. We all are already aware of the power and reach of the cell phones, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that cloud computing too, would be incorporated in it.

Following is the list of some reasons that clearly show why mobile cloud computing is the future of mobile phones:

1. Immense Storage Space

The vast amount of storage space, which is one of the unique selling points of the cloud service, is made available for the mobile phones. Now instead of running to the shops and buying memory cards at exorbitant rates for more space, you can simply avail the service of cloud and feel proud in carrying information in just your hand.

2. Improved Processing Facility

The price of a cell-phone is hugely dependent on its micro-processor’s speed and performance. With mobile cloud computing, all the extensive processing is done at the cloud level. Not to forget the vital computations, encryption and decryption, everything handled by the cloud thereby enhancing the cell-phone’s overall performance.

3. Enhanced Battery Life

Considering some fastidious cell-phone buyers (which are plethora in number), the battery life is one of the most significant factors in deciding which model to buy and it is here that mobile cloud computing lends a very strong helping hand. With most of the processing handled by the cloud, the cell-phone’s throughput increases which in turn enhances the battery life, thereby making the most optimum use of the remaining recharge cycles.

4. Augmented Data Synchronization Feature

The mobile cloud computing makes an extensive use of various synchronizing techniques such as HTML 5 and hyper visor, which aids significantly in various back-end operations and in synchronizing the stored data as well as the data from cloud, all in one clean place.

5. Heightened User Experience

After making the most of the above mentioned features, it is ultimately the end-user who experiences the maximum pleasure and comfort in taking advantage of the mobile cloud computing apart from the basic helping benefits of the same.

6. Room for Upcoming Technologies

Mobile cloud computing is adapt with the tremendous pace of changing technology and hence, works most efficiently with the upgrades, be it in the cloud computing methods or the model’s changing designs and features.

7. Money’s Worth

For the consumers who normally sulk immediately after buying any new cell-phone model because they somehow do not find their money’s worth in it, this mobile cloud computing only comes as a boon to them because with the vast number of features, accessibility options and amazing performance, they would find every penny’s worth, if not genuinely feel deep inside that the model should have cost way more.


Now the leading mobile manufacturers do not have to simply compete in the model designs and cost but also in the cloud computing features and ease of access. If the trend continues (which is very likely seeing its pace) it’s a win-win situation for everybody, be it the consumer or the manufacturer and this in turn, will only pave the way for the future of mobile cloud computing.

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