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Dota 2 Top 3 Heroes

Written by staff

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer awarded (in December 2012) as best video game, thanks to Valve Corporation for creating such an addictive game. As per some raw facts DOTA 2 players usually spend 5+ hour a day playing it, and sometime even forget to eat meal in between.

However, Valve Corporation too it to a whole new level, Valve have been organizing its online global matches every year in which world best players of Dota take part with millions of dollar as prize pool. We all know the story of EG (Evil-Geniuses) and Sumail that Paki guy.

Dota 2 top 3 heroes

1. Crystal Maiden: 

Crystal Maiden is a wintry witch, born in a temperate realm, raised with her fiery older sister Lina. When she reached to her teenage, Crystal Maiden found that she had inborn harmony ability to control the ice in her way. Wellsprings and mountain waterways solidified in minutes on the off chance that she halted to rest adjacent; maturing yields were chomped by ice, and fruiting plantations swung to the labyrinths of ice and came slamming down, ruined. She also has an ability to create continuous manner for her team, can slow up down their foes by letting them freeze. She is really a good attacker, her squint capacities would crush to anyone. We can say that her skills are totally unmatched.

Dota 2 Top 3 Heroes

2. Omniknight: 

Omnikinght is a holy melee Paladin, famous for his extravaganza abilities. He has worn out his extravaganza abilities against the devil creatures, as he has taken an oath to guard and support the weak, feeble ones. He is a brave hero, difficult to give them harm, possesses a spectacular healer powers, which he used to cure the injured allies rather in return it gives the same amount of damage to their foes. He has to be acting as a good base defender. His most prominent capacities are spelled immunity, providing in the form of “Repel”(an ability which prevents to be affected their allies and himself by enemy most nuke rage spells). We can say that he is a mighty tank and one of the most best hero of data 2.

Dota 2 Top 3 Heroes

3. Lina:

The rugged warrior Lina, who is the older sister of Crystal Maiden, but both are the inborn rivals wanting to guzzle their bloods, because Lina “the great” is far more capable than her younger sister. She lives in hot temperature much like to inferno. Now take a glance over her extravaganza qualities. She has an ability of blaze, fire, which he used to change the person into ash within in a second, that’s really cool! Her attacks are dazzling mostly, Light Strike Array and Laguna Blade are the best. Hence, I think so that no one survives against her hell fire.

Dota 2 Top 3 Heroes