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Simple launchers are basically apps that give an easy-to-use look to your phones so that it becomes very to use them. For example, you have bought an android device for your Grand Pa and he is not very familiar with the technology and it is difficult for him to use that device the way it is. So you will need to install these simple launcher apps that will give an easy to use look to the device such as gallery, phone calls, messages and other important apps will make the top menu and your Grand Pa will then be a happy user.

download simple launcher apk

Ok now so going for these apps, you need to know that which one of them are best and which one will be good for you, so here is a little help from our side.

Wiser – Simple Launcher + Features:

Now if you are looking for app that makes an android device so easy that even the infant kids will be able to use it, then Wiser is what you have searched for.

Wiser is a beautiful and very simply app that you will download from the app store and on installing it, your phone will get the shape of the simplest smartphones, so that will no longer have to go through the complex interface.

Now you don’t need to bear the load of all the useless apps and widgets that you had to tolerate for no good reason and smartphone developers have them put for you.

Most of the users are concerned with the contacts, phone calls, text messages, camera, gallery and some other important apps such as convertors and alarm etc.

Appreciate a Wiser and easier Smartphone experience. Shrewd is a neighborly route for individuals who wish to appreciate a cell phone without the bother of discovering their direction in the complex cell phone environment. Shrewd app could fit the utilization of Non-tech adroit individuals, seniors and that’s just the beginning.

Smarter is an overhaul of the cell phone applications permitting you to better impart, friendlier picture experience and access to your most loved substance. Also, now presenting the Companion application compatibility – a simple approach to connect and be bolstered by your loved ones from their own particular gadget.

Additional features of Wiser Simple Launcher:

Your buddy can without much of a stretch include components and tailor the experience to your own inclination from his cell phone. Composed by portable master, having you and your needs as a main priority. Not any more nonspecific experience that ought to fit all. More shrewd will supplant your local involvement with a more reasonable one for your requirements.

In 2 simple strides (download and introduce) you could begin getting a charge out of “Smarter” on your Smartphone today. Attempt it; it will change your portable experience!

Presenting soon the Companion application – a simple approach to collaborate and be upheld by your companions what’s more, family from their own gadget. We are in close Beta, for more information please visit our site.

If you don’t mind get in touch with us for any inquiries or inputs or visit our site for more data on Wiser furthermore, a companion. It has a very impressive 4 star rating on Google play store which is a proof of the reliability of the software so don’t need to worry about how good does this work.

Speed up your gadget with Simple launcher. The imaginative launcher that makes your Android more natural and very much composed. Discover why it has been downloaded by more than 20 million individuals. Keen Launcher 3 is totally not quite the same as some other launcher on Play Store. It’s not in view of the AOSP launcher.

Low asset prerequisites, spare RAM and battery, material outline, a great deal of free topics with symbol pack and gadget to redo your home screen.

Speedy access to your most loved applications. Twofold tap on a symbol to begin a second application. Your applications rundown is consequently sorted by classifications. Hunt bar down fast pursuit in applications, contacts and web. Turn off the screen with a twofold tap or just by leaving your gadget on a level surface. Coordinated lock screen with notices. Exceptionally, personalize-able. Huge amounts of subjects and bolt screen support for all symbol pack

Module engineering. You can download and empower just the components you need. You can conceal applications from the applications framework and ensure them with secret word. Enhanced to be serenely utilized both as a part of representation and scene mode .Keeps running on verging on each Android gadget. Keeps running on telephone, tablet, and Google TV.

Let simple launcher facilitates your migraine. Savvy Launcher’s restrictive calculation takes in your conduct of utilizing applications and automatically save your most loved application alternate routes in an envelope. It redesign clients application positions progressively while clients are utilizing the telephone. Savvy Launcher spares clicks which likewise spare client battery utilization. The calculation will take some times to take in your conduct. If it’s not too much trouble permit a couple days for it to act as planned. Gadget highlight is bolstered. No live wallpaper is bolstered in this application.

How to install and use Simple Launcher?

Downloading and installing this app is just easy as opening a bottle. Just follow the following steps to get done with the job.

  1. Download the free APK from the download link given at the end of this article.
  2. Connect mobile to your pc and move the free APK downloaded to your phone.
  3. Install the app on your as you do from an external source and after that simply open the app and start using it.
  4. You can do further customization and other things yourself.

So this was our complete review on the features of simple launcher and the use of this app. Let us know whether you like it or not? Also leave ant queries along with your feedback in the comments section below so we can improve our site.

Download Wiser-Simple Launcher 1.4.1 latest apk:

Download the latest edition of wiser-simple launcher v 1.4.1 free here.

Install from google play store  here.

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