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Far Cry 4 Bugs and how to fix them

far cry 4 bugs and their fixes
Written by staff

When Far Cry 4 got released, gamers faced many problems for which professionals have finally found all the possible fixes. Here is a list of some bug and their fixes from far cry 4.

far cry 4 bugs and their fixes

Lightning Bug in Far cry 4:

When you start playing Far Cry 4 you see that the environment is dark and you can’t see doors because they look black and you can’t identify it. It happens due to the lightning bug and mostly in the cracked games since hacking or cracking of games do bring such problems.

Fix lightning bug in far cry 4 (100% Works):

Here is an easy fix for you. People who have High end PCs they put all the graphics settings to Ultra or high in which the lightning and also goes on Ultra settings and this problems occurs, So just do this simple thing.

  1. 1. Go to Setting and then open video settings/graphics settings.
  2. Find the ‘Lightning’ and take it to low setting.

This will fix the dark environment or lightning bug for you.

Driving Lag Bug (far cry 4):

While playing Far Cry 4 everything is cool and fine but as soon as you get in a vehicle and start driving you start facing intense lag and it makes you difficult to drive and shoot.

Fix driving lag bug:

Fix for this also very simple so just follow the easy steps that are written below.

  1. 1. Go to ‘My Documents’ and look for the Far Cry 4 user files.
  2. Find out note pad file ‘Settings’ and open it.
  3. There by pressing CTRL+F find something like ‘Disable Loading Mip0’.
  4. Once found you will see that it will be ‘1’ and all you have got to do is re-write ‘1’ with ‘0’ and it will be disabled and you will no longer face the problem.

Map Visibility Bug (100% Works):

In Far Cry 4 map’s visibility another of those bugs which worried the gamers but you don’t need to worry anymore because it has an easy fix.

Fix map visibility bug in far cry 4:

Follow these steps in order to fix the bug.

  1. 1. Go the folder where you have installed the game and look for Data_win32.
  2. In that folder look out for these two files ‘Patch.fat’ and ‘Patch.dat’ and delete them.

And this is how the bug gets fix its self.

I hope that this really helped you so keep visiting our site for more of this stuff.

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