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Far Cry Primal – New Patch Add Survivor Mode and 4k Textures

Far Cry Primal
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Ubisoft announced that the latest iteration of the Far Cry series, set in the Stone Age will receive a survival mode for free, ideal for those who have completed Far Cry Primal and are in search of a more difficult challenge. This new mode will arrive on April 12 for all platforms, along with 4k textures for PC users.

Far Cry Primal – New Patch Add Survivor Mode and 4k Textures

The main changes are reflected in Primal exploration, creating items and difficulty, to make it even more realistic. There are other options that the player can activate, such as the addition of permanent death. There is an option of second chance that gives us life, which is again filled by completing certain objectives.

Anyway, permanent death is only the beginning. The survivor mode adds a bar of stamina, making slow and weak Takkar when empty, forcing sleep to recharge. The mini-map is now disabled by default, forcing us to pay more attention to our surroundings. The fog of war has also increased, reducing the amount of area on the map that will be revealed as we explore. We find less human and animals less frequently as we explore, which means we have to be a little more patient with hunting. The fast Travel option also punishes us to consume stamina and food.

Takkar some key skills have also been reduced. We will no longer use the owl to kill enemies. Takkar will be more susceptible to cold, which increases its dependence on gambling, and make clothes for the cold will be a priority if it is in our plans to visit the most frost of Oros areas. The positive point is that the vision of hunter Takkar has been increased, allowing more easily to survive.

The animals will not be as powerful and those like saber-toothed tigers and bears, and will not be so easily tamed. We’ll have to fight them until they are half of life, and then draw them with baits and taming them.

We will have to take care of them more frequently since the survivor mode and they will die permanently. As in the campaign mode, we can save before they die. Before attacking a strong group of strong enemies, we will think twice before launching our faithful companion without first assessing the situation.

This mode, of course, will add new achievements and even a surprise at the end of the game when we finished it.

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