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51 Lustige WhatsApp Status Collection 2017

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, allows you to put status of almost anything that comes to your mind. Popular lustige whatsapp status reflect your style, so here we have come up with the 2015 collection of best lustige whatsapp status.

You can freely use these lustige whatsapp statuses by simply copy – pasting to your whatsapp status box and you’re up with a funny status that indeed reflects your style.

lustige whatsapp status

Lustige WhatsApp Status 2017

1. I’m lazy like 8… When lied down changes into infinity!

2. One man’s laughter is another’s WTF…

3. You are as useless as the letters ‘a’ ‘y’ in okay!

4. Be Yourself

5. Do that, what’s right not what’s easy!

6. One child lets you enjoy parenthood while two turns you into a referee.

7. Texting 2 people simultaneously? It’s confirmed… You’re BiTextual

8. I’m answerable to just what I say, not what you get.

9. Sleep until you are hungry… Eat until you are asleep.

10. Sometimes you just need an empty place … to fart!!!

12. If opportunity doesn’t knock, get a door built.

13. If you cannot change a girl… Change the girl!

14. To convert O2 to CO2 is quite difficult.

15. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

16. SI unit of ignoring a person is ‘seen’

17. Life’s too short… Don’t waste it looking at my status!

18. Monday + 4 = Friday but Friday + 3 = Monday. Why???

19. Your attitude defines your day.

20. Longer titles tends to tedious jobs.

22. Just be what you wanted to… Be yourself.

23. All girls are my sisters, with the exception of you!

24. My handwriting isn’t bad… That’s my cool new font!

25. Mumble you do when in doubt.

26. Accept who you are not who the world wants you to be.

27. Bird hit your window? Looks like God’s playing Angry birds.

28. Don’t put your nose in my business.

29. So, you seem to attract the mosquitos more than girls.

30. Love Marriage’s like sitting in front of a snake and requesting it to bite.

31. Cool WhatsApp Tricks 

32. Now-a-days Guys prefer WiFi to Wife.

33. Pronouncing ‘LMAO’, you like a funny creature.

34. Less promising + More delivery = Success!

35. Jahaan mera CRUSH hai… Wahaan pehle se hi bada RUSH hai.

36. Never ever forget that you’re unique in yourself!

37. My ‘last seen at’ was simply to check your ‘last seen at’.

38. Looking at my whatsapp status would do more harm than good.

39. Just carry yourselves with a ‘Take it Easy’ attitude.

40. A black cat can effectively do the job which a RED signal cannot.

41. Sad status – Everybody’s happy while am not.

42. To who ever it may concern… I am awesome!

43. You looking at my status again? Go get a job.

44. When you view an image on my phone… Don’t explore my Gallery.

45. The road less traveled is indeed for a reason.

46. Success comes ahead of work… only in a dictionary.

47. Phones have become smart but people lazy.

48. Smile is the best answer… When you have teeth.

49. If you can’t convince them… Confuse them!

50. AwesoME ends with ‘ME’ and Ugly begins with ‘U’.

51. Some even cool lustige whatsapp status here.

Funny WhatsApp Status Images

A few whatsapp status images for you that will definitely make your day and which you can also use as your DP’s.






So these were some of the best statuses for you.

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