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The Postal Redux developer speaks out: “Microsoft Lacking Commitment to Gamers”

The Postal Redux developer speaks out: "Microsoft Lacking Commitment to Gamers"
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The present gen landscape is a little bit of a bust- the PS4 dominates the whole industry, with the Wii U staying all but irrelevant, and the Microsoft Xbox One getting outsold by the PS4 by a ratio of 2 :1. The Wii U’s small market share makes sense, provided its insufficient marketing and advertising and third party support, and also its fundamentally unattractive scheme for the larger market.

The Postal Redux developer speaks out: "Microsoft Lacking Commitment to Gamers"

Microsoft Is Lacking In Its ‘Commitment To Gamers’ – Postal Redux Dev:

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the Microsoft Xbox One? Why is that support being bested so completely by the PS4? Would could it be that Microsoft need right now that Sony have? In an interview with GamingBolt, Running With Scissors, the devs of Postal Redux, were asked about a question, and their answer was uncovering.

“[Microsoft lack] a commitment to gamers,” Vince Desi, the CEO of Running With Scissors, said.

That is one serious intense response to give it is additionally one that possibly remained constant in 2013-2014 when the Xbox One was to a greater degree a degraded media box hastily retrofitted to a video game console at last. But, today, it is a far different story, and Phil Spencer has figured out how to emphasize games over everything else at Xbox. Desi’s answer, notwithstanding, makes it appear as if that early introduction stuck is that why Running With Scissors did not put Postal Redux on Xbox One? Is it accurate to say that it was more about it being a principled position for them? Things being what they are, no-sober mindedness bested optimism for this situation, and the explanation behind Postal Redux not being on the Xbox One are more ordinary.

“We’re planning to do it,” Desi said. “[But just] being a small true indie developer, we can only do one console at a time.”

So perhaps there is some shine of hope for a future port of the games for Xbox, then.

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