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Top Fixes For uTorrent Slow Downloading

fix utorrent slow downloading speed
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Who doesn’t know about uTorrent? It is a peer to peer downloading software that downloads every single thing that you could get from internet and above all for completely free. This software takes a place of just 1 MB on your devices but download Giga and Terra-bytes of data and you have to pay nothing for it. Speeds in uTorrent depends on some factors such as the number of seeds, peers and leeches. Here in this post I am going to tell you some Top Fixes for uTorrent downloading slow as well as how to increase the speed of uTorrent enormously depending on your internet connection. Ok let’s move on with our job.

On the off chance that you’ve at long last found the torrent you’re searching for, however, it’s taking hours or even days to download, you know how irritating moderate downloads can be. Moderate torrent download speeds might be the aftereffect of an absence of seeds and a moderate web association, however, there are approaches to change your uTorrent settings and streamline your associations for greatest download speeds. Including new, speedier torrent trackers is another great approach to inhale new life once again into a moderate or dead deluge.

How to increase uTorrent downloading speed?

Purpose for mentioning different methods is that some of the methods might now work for everyone and also some are difficult and easy. You can try any of the methods that suit you and I hope that some of them are definitely going work for you.

fix utorrent slow downloading speed

Method 1: Checking the Seeds:

Always check the quantity of seeders for the torrent record. Seeders are the individuals who keep on sharing the record after it has been downloaded. The more the seeders there are the quicker the download will be.

In the event that you can, attempt to download from a tracker with a lot of seeders for the record that you need. In the event that you can interface with enough seeders, you can without much of a stretch max out your association speed. This can include additional dangers in the event that you are downloading music and movies so figure out how to choose respectable sources as “More is not generally better”.

Methods 2: Use LAN instead of Wi-Fi:

uTorrent downloading speeds may also differ if you are using Wi-Fi because speed in it depends on the signal strength of the wireless connection. Connecting your desktop or laptop to LAN may also bring you high speeds than wireless connection. Whenever you download a torrent, make sure that you have connected your device with LAN. This methods cannot be applied in case you are downloading on a mobile device but as long as you are on a computer make sure that you follow this.

Try associating the PC straightforwardly to the modem or switch as opposed to utilizing WIFI. A ton of signs in the house could meddle with WIFI association, along these lines influencing web speed and uTorrent downloads.

Method 3: Add faster Trackers:

Speed of the uTorrent can be increased to a great extent by adding faster trackers to your downloading file.

Including new deluge trackers can add new seeds and associates to your association, conceivably bringing about speedier download speeds. These trackers change and close frequently, so including new, open trackers is key to streamlining your downloads.

Right-tap on the download name, and snap “Properties”. Under the “General” tab, find the “Trackers” box. Look down to the end of the rundown, and press enter to make another line. Duplicate and glue these trackers into the case. It’s OK in the event that you have copies – uTorrent will disregard those ones. Try not to delete the current trackers, either. The more trackers, the more opportunities to expand your pace. Following a couple of minutes, check your download speeds. They ought to increment with the expansion of new trackers.

Method 4: Upgrade your internet connection:

Slow internet connection can’t bring you good uTorrent speeds. Subscribe to a higher Internet speed arrangement. Contingent upon your range, you might have the capacity to update the velocity of your web access. This will cost you more cash every month, however, you might have the capacity to get a decent arrangement by exchanging suppliers. Make sure that you have latest internet connection system that provide high internet speeds otherwise you can’t blame uTorrent.

Method 5: Adjust bandwidth and upload settings:

Select “Options” then “Setup Guide”. Click on the “Transfer Speed” drop-down menu and select the rate that most nearly matches with your transfer speed. While you’re here, change the port to a number above 10000. Click “Save and Close”.

  1. Click “Options” then “Transmission capacity”, and set these qualities:
  2. Now you will need to set Maximum Upload Rate or MUR to 10 to 15.
  3. After being done with that, set the Maximum Download Rate or MDR to 1800.
  4. After doing the above step you will need to set Global Maximum Numbers of Connections to 2329.
  5. Set the Maximum number of associated companions per downpour to 250-300. Try not to set it higher than 300.

Set your Maximum transfer openings per downpour to 14, then snap “Apply” and “alright” to save the settings.

Some other tips and tricks for uTorrent:

  1. In case you’re working on a Wi-Fi association, have a go at interfacing specifically to your modem or switch to guarantee greatest Internet availability.
  2. Stop different downloads and exercises that utilization a lot of your association with velocity up the deluge download. Likewise, abstain from utilizing the web while you’re downloading torrents, since this can back off your rates.
  3. Take a stab at updating your web association by reaching your ISP for best results. In any case, know that some ISPs throttle Bit-Torrent speeds, so your moderate downloads could be the consequence of that.
  4. Update your uTorrent programming. Check for updates frequently.

Final Words:

I really hope that his post helped you very much in managing and fixing your torrent speeds. Leave us your feedback in the comments section about our blogs and keep visiting AGEEKY for more technology stuff!

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