Samsung’s New Speed Charging Technology

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Out of all the gadgets the world has ever seen, smartphones have become an irreplaceable gadget for humans. No one likes the idea of their phone getting discharged when they need it the most. There are times when your phone dies and there is no charging slot nearby. Let’s imagine that in those moments you are expecting an important call or are in an emergency. This seems like a tough situation that no one would like to experience. Is not it?

Moreover, in the beginning, the phones are really good at charging. They will get recharged within only a few minutes but as they start to get old they start to take more recharging themselves. As time will keep passing you will start missing the way your mobile used to be when you first bought it. Even the phones with the guaranteed good battery have a limit and that comes sooner than you expected. And you will have to go through various cell phone repair shops to repair your battery.

Samsung has found a way to save you from such situations. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is designed to recharge itself with merely a phone present near it- no need of wires, chargers or charging slots. This sounds like a dream come true and it truly is one. This new phone will be available in the market in the first week of the next month. If you are already excited about this new feature, then here is everything that you would love to know about it.

Working of this Technology

This new speedy charging technology goes by the name “Adaptive Fast Charging.” It will be capable of doing the two most important tasks. Firstly, it will help your phone to get some charging from the compatible phone nearby and secondly, it will be smart enough to cut the power supply when your phone’s battery has been charged. These features will help increase performance and battery life.

However, in case you do not have a compatible phone nearby, you must have a charger to go the old way. You would need to buy Samsung’s fast charging charger to charge your new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Compatible Phones

Although this phone is great for the people who have a lot of tasks and less time but it does not go with all the phones. Luckily, there are two phones that are compatible with S10’s feature. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are compatible with S10 and can be used for fast charging. However, you need to enable the feature in them to enjoy this benefit.

Enabling the Feature

To enable this feature you will have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Connect Adaptive Fast Charging to your battery charger with USB
  • Open Settings and visit Battery Settings
  • Check the Rapid Charging option
  • The option has been enabled
  • Turn off your phone to increase the charging speed

This technology was in the checklist of the people and the developers from so long but Samsung has finally decided to uncover this for its lovers.

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