Samsung Galaxy Folder (2015) revealed in Korea

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2 days ago LG introduced a fresh flip android phone, named LG Gentle, now Samsung also have revealed a new android flip phone as a contender to LG’s Gentle. Samsung Folder (2015) is actually a successor of 2 years old Galaxy Folder (2013).

Samsung Galaxy Folder (2015) a successor to 2013’s Galaxy Folder and a rival of LG’s Gentle is here:

Samsung Galaxy Folder (2015) revealed in Korea

The brand new Galaxy Folder packs a 3.8 inch touch screen display with easy to use keypad. The handset comes with the most recent Android OS i.e. Lollipop. Coming towards camera, Galaxy Folder (2015) bears a 8 MP camera on its back and have 2 MP front facing camera. Internal storage is 8GB which is expandable via microSD expansion slots. Galaxy Folder (2015) sports a pretty decent 1800mAh inside and for a flip phone it is more than enough. Other specs are still unknown, we will keep an eye on it and will update you once we get it.

Samsung Galaxy Folder (2015) revealed in Korea

Unfortunately, as per few sources the phone will be limited to just Samsung’s homeland Korea. It will be available to buy next month (August). Samsung is charging $250 (unlocked) for its new Galaxy Folder (2015). Colors range is not that wide, you can get it in just Black and White.


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