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Sony to release Mouse and Keyboard

Sony to release Mouse and Keyboard
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Play station 4 without any doubt is the most selling gaming console worldwide.Ps4 gamers find it really enjoyable to sit back on couch and have fun with their games but it is true that they lack something while playing first person shooters i.e. Accuracy. A console controller is not as accurate as a mouse while playing FPS. It’s been quite a time that console users were demanding a mouse and keyboard so that they could be better marksmen.

When news came out that Microsoft were working on a mouse for X-box, Sony also decided to release a compatible mouse and keyboard for Play station 3 and 4 eventually giving some relief to players.

Sony to release Mouse and Keyboard

The company that got the contract to accomplish this task is, Hori. Hori is known for making gaming joysticks and other gaming accessories. Hori announced that as soon as Call of duty- Black Ops 3 will be out in market, they will also release first ever mouse and keyboard named Hori Tactical Assault commander which is none but a revolutionary device in the history of console. Another important thing we can see here is that it might, increase the sale of Activision’s game which had lost some of its respect due to a new but same game every year.

It is not the first time when any company have tried to make such thing but since Hori were very successful in their making of racing wheel and fighting sticks that’s why it makes sense that they are most likely to succeed in this too.

Gamers from all over the world came out with the positive appreciation towards this despite the fact it would cost them $135 which is a price worth worrying.

So let’s wait a little bit more to have this device to reach market and we can hope that it won’t disappoint us since it has already convinced many Pc gamers to switch to play station 4.

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