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Top 10 must have Android Apps

10 must have android apps
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Being an android user here is our list of top 10 apps that you should have installed on your android device.

10 must have android apps

1. 7 minute Workout App:

If you’re concerned about your health and want your phone to be an assistant in it, then use this app. This app tells you basic routine concerning energy levels or if you want to lose some pounds then this app could really tell you a good diet.

2. Avast Anti-Virus:

Protection is the most necessary thing and none but Avast provides you with the best anti-virus software that is a real shield against the malware.

3. Google Chrome:

Being powered by google, Google chrome is the best web browser that you could have on a phone for its faster browsing and features.

4. Pod Cast Addict:

For music to search on an android, Pod Cast Addict is the best app because it let you search all the audio available within seconds and without any difficulty.

5. Fleksy:

Fleksy is one of the very few android keyboard apps that provides you with big and smooth keypad to type and communicate faster.

6. Google Play Music:

When it comes to music, none but this app always hits our top lists because it provides us all the legit and free music of all the hit artists and in good quality so don’t need to go for average apps.

7. HULU:

Hulu is an excellent for watching free T.V shows and movies though they earn their money from the adds but it doesn’t matter as long as they provide what they do.

8. Camera 360:

People love taking photos and that’s why there are 1000s camera apps but we chose Camera 360 for being so good in providing awesome filters and effects and this app is so reliable with its different camera features so yeah we definitely love Camera 360.

9. VLC Media Player:

Though all the smart phones provide a standard video playing software but if you want to go for more features then go for VLC media player since it supports many video formats and has pretty reliable and multi-featured setting so you’re going to love it.

10. Kids Place:

As name suggests, if you are looking for an app that is both entertaining and educational for your kids then go for kids place.

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